I never would have imagined that 10 months after I Big Chopped I would be walking down the aisle and getting married to the man I love.

We were engaged Dec. 13th, a mere 5 months post BC. Uh oh….what was I to do working with my teeny weeny afro?

To be truthful I didn’t even begin to mess around with it until 2 weeks before the wedding. I was just praying and treating my hair as nice as I could, as to maximize every 8th of an inch of length. I only had 5 month to grow and I wasn’t taking any chances.

As most naturals, I am all over the youtube scene. With my favorites being Kimmaytube, brOnzeqt, allthatsgold, and Naptural85. And it was this video from Naptural85 that was my inspiration. It was simple, elegant, and still flaunted my natural tresses. Because my hair was shorter than hers in the video, I decided to lock my curl pattern in with gel and blowdry the roots. The front I smoothed out with a satin scarf.

The look was exactly what I wanted and only took my 30 minutes to achieve. In the end I got everything I wanted…a classic look, a man that loves the heck out of me, and an awesome party!