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Curly Nikki

Self-Concept Thursday!

By January 27th, 20216 Comments

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” ~Harvey Fierstein

Raise your hand if you’ve ever talked yourself out of trying something new because it’s not what people expect from you? Maybe you didn’t want to deal with the extra attention? Perhaps you weren’t confident that you would like it, let alone anyone else. How about this one: have you ever been afraid to stop doing certain things because it’s not what people expect from you? Maybe you’re afraid to stop smoking or drinking or eating unhealthy food? What if that is all your friends do? If you change your behavior, will you still be accepted? I’m certain that we’ve all experienced this to some extent.

Today, I challenge you to give yourself room to grow. Be independent of people’s opinions! Learn to accept the feelings of embarrassment and awkardness that come with trying new things. It’s okay if you don’t get things right the first time. You don’t have to have all the answers. You learn with every new experience. Each experience enhances your awareness by giving you something new to draw upon.

As you increase your awareness, you open yourself up to new opportunities. Why should you hold yourself back from exploring everything about yourself because you are afraid of what people will think or say? Why should you deny yourself for anyone? The people who truly love you and are meant to stay in your life will stay. Don’t limit yourself to being what you have been. You owe it to yourself to embrace all that you have inside of you to become.

Have you been holding yourself back — afraid to change? Believe in yourself and take the labels off your mind. Start now!


  • Anonymous says:

    I also like reading the self-concept, but today, this self concept really hit a chord. I am inspired to be better; to be more of my authentic me.

  • Munjean says:

    This. Is my first Thursday. WOW very well done.

  • julia @ simple truths says:

    I love that photo!

  • Keisa Sharpe says:

    I love love love this. I totally agree and think this is an excellently written piece!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm with the first commentor…I love Self Concept Thursdays!:) My sister and I was just talking about this very topic.

    I can recall about a 1 1/2 years ago when I finally decided to join a Smoking Sensation Program at my job to STOP Smoking! I remember holding off for a long time because I was ashamed of who might see me and what they would say! U see no one ever seen me smoking at my job.

    When all my attempts to stop smoking failed…I decided that it was time to take care of me and forget about who might see me. I finally realized that if they see me…I see them too!lol It wasn"t anything like I thought it would be…the program was a complete success! lol i was so surprised! Everyone was so support of each other!

    Anyways i'm happy to report that I'm Smoke Free for almost 2 years now! This article is so right! You just have to face your fears…u too may be surprised at your outcomes!:)

  • Maya Ange'le says:

    I just want to say how much I love self-concept Thursdays. This feature brightens my Thursday mornings every week! Thanks, Nikki. 🙂

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