… not this week y’all. Sorry. Your regularly scheduled program will resume next week, when my sanity is restored. As I shared on Facebook last night, I’m currently paralyzed by procrastination.

*insert violins*

The movers will be here, get this, tomorrow morning. I need to hunt down more boxes, pack, clean, do laundry, forward the mail, PACK and tie up loose ends at the office. My to-do list is atrocious. So I leave you with pics of Boog… for your viewing pleasure…

who run this motha?! YEP!

Any volunteers? I’m more of a delegator. A generous compensation package includes a warm smile, my fantastic personality, lunch, and not one, but TWO, kisses on the cheek… one from Boog! I expect a flooded inbox, so get your request in first! I kid, I kid 😉