by Angela of Wise Curls

I am officially loc free and rocking loose natural tresses! I was enjoying my loc journey; however, I missed my loose hair. Terribly. I may revisit the journey again in the future, but for now, I’m in love and have undoubtedly succumbed to the “hair in hand” disease.

This was my second loc journey. I cut off my previous locs (after growing them for 4 years), back in April 2010. I was on this journey for about 6 months and, surprisingly, my hair had loc’ed completely at the 4 month mark. So the take down was not an easy task.

I’ve seen many YT videos of the loc take down process, and saw many using dental or sewing instruments on their hair. The result was grocery bags full of hair lost during the process. I opted for a different route by using the following tools:

Africa’s Best Detangling Conditioner

Good ole’ fashioned fine tooth comb

Here’s what I did:

  • Saturated the loc completely with conditioner
  • Using the fine tooth comb, I began to detangle the loc starting at the end of the hair. I used more conditioner as I worked my way up to the root of the loc
  • As I reached mid-way to the root, I used my fingers to detangle with the aid of more conditioner
  • As each loc was taken down, the hair was two-strand twisted to prevent any future detangling as this process was continued throughout the course of the week

With the help of conditioner, this resulted in less shedding and loss of hair (This is all of the hair that was lost during the entire take down process):

After a good wash with TW’s Black Shampoo and conditioning with HE’s Hello Hydration, as well as more finger detangling in the shower, this was the amount of hair that was “lost” after that session:

This has been a fun and interesting journey, but I am excited to get back in my hair and play around a bit while trying some new products along the way (the PJ in me is itching to come out). Besides, I missed his hands in my hair *clears throat*.

So, it can be done! Locs can be taken down with little hair shedding with the aid of conditioner and patience.

Have you ever removed locs? What was your process?