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Curly Nikki

What Has Your Hair Taught You Lately?

By January 27th, 202167 Comments

What Has Your Hair Taught You Lately?
The past few months have revealed the following–

1. My hair needs to be covered at night. Sleeping on satin alone does not suffice. Whether I’m pineappling loose hair, or in chunky twists, I religiously tie on a satin cap and fall asleep on a satin pillow case. I ditched the bonnet for 6 months to a year and realized that maintaining moisture was next to impossible.

2. My hair likes oil. Go figure. I mean REALLY likes it. The lubrication keeps it pliable, soft, and less prone to breakage. I oil daily, sometimes twice a day. My favorite brands right now are Shea Moisture’s Baby Oil Rub (OMG, just got this last weekend… LOVING IT!), and Burt’s Bees Baby Oil.

3. My hair likes to be gently detangled (with oil) before washing, but DETESTS being washed in twists. I revisited this at my most recent wash session and although cleansing my scalp was easy peasy, the resulting matting and tangling was a nightmare. From now on, I will detangle with oil, but leave the hair out during the wash and condition.

4. Everyone should try diluting their shampoo and putting it in an applicator bottle. It will totally revolutionize the way you wash your hair. For the first time in months, my hair feels thoroughly cleansed.

5. I really, really, really like Qhemet Biologics. Have I mentioned this before? LOL. The Cocoa Ghee can be re-applied countless times without buildup or gunk and leaves my hair moisturized, smooth, soft, detangled and defined. The Twist Butter has an excellent consistency for dry twisting, and seals my ends. I’m a fan.

That’s all I got… how about you?


  • Anonymous says:

    Iv'e leaqrned
    1. my hair likes being spritzed and buttered twice a day.
    2. That after applying olive oil, I need to then apply shea mix, or my hair is dry in the morning.
    3. That the LOC system, of liquid, then oil then cream/butter really keeps my hair moist and ends nice and defined
    4. That it doesn't like being washed less than 3 weekly.
    5.That It is happier in twist styles than out styles, and so am I.
    5. That it hates coconut oil, unless it is in a shea mix
    6. That it hates Jojoba oil, unless it is in a spritz mix.
    7.That it likes be left completely alone, for weeks at a time
    8.That when it is in twists, I get an almost irresistible urge to loc
    9. That it doesnt need anything other than shea butter and twice day spritzing, to get beautiful curls
    10. that the simpler the products the better

  • Anonymous says:

    You’re all such wonderful people, for sharing your views. I think I’ll look into aloe vera gel. [I really want to try to make my own flax seed gel.] With every choice, try not to follow blindly. I recently ordered Beija Flors and Bearfruit. Bearfruit came in 3 days 🙂 smells mild and great and is soooo nice to me, I LOVE IT!!! Beija flors… I waited and waited and waited… almost 2 months!!! aha! whao??? Yeah no bueno, plus, I stupidly and blindly soaked in all the raves and rants from fb and other websites…"it smells delicious!! Try not to eat it… blah blah blah”. Well, I received it and OFCOURSE!! It smells just as the reviews said; Delicious…. to some! Like cookies, cinnamon cookies…sort off… I can't stand the smell of Paradise bakery and that's how it smells!!! So guess what, it’s still here on my shelf, unused and looking pretty! The natural hair industry is just plain ol' tedious!! From hair maintenance to products, it's complicated (for most of us at least). I come to this site and others because I love the excitement generated. I don wigs and smile at my natural hair before bed time or when I'm alone with no PLANS what so ever. It's at least helping me retain length. Now that said, I still will give Beija a try, come the cool weather. Right now it's really really hot… 113 – 116 degrees AZ!! luv you all, try not to cast stones at one another for expressed views. Anonynous… thank you for expressing your views, I feel the same way about there being a better product every hour!!! Nikki, you were my light at the end of the tunnel- you still are…Stay blessed, peace!

  • J says:

    Please leave Nikki alone.Nikki shares what she likes and think would benefit us whether the product is advertised or not.I have no issues with that.I learn so much from this site. Keep the reviews/recommendations coming please!

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair loves:

    *Water – I can feel it thanking me each time i wet it.(It's my best moisturizer)
    *To be cleansed on a weekly basis i tried stretching it to once a month and encoutered breakage city! 🙁
    *Oils – Castor Oil and EVOO are my staples(whether i am pre-pooing/DCing or oiling my scalp or sealing)Oils are SO versatile.
    *KimmayTube leave-in – Recent addition to my hair and it LOVES it and makes my hair soft for days! 🙂
    *Not to be handled too much

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Nikki, I'm a big fan of your website! My hair is quite dry and although it's been responding quite while to CURLS products I really wouldn't mind trying something a bit more moisturising. I was just wondering what you use the Ghee and the Butter for exactly. Do you use ghee on wet hair and butter on dry? Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous says:

    – I have learnt that my hair can be adapted to my life not the other way around. One of the main reasons I went natural was to be able to do things, like go swimming or running, without obsessing about my hair before or after.

    – I have also discovered my need for simplicity trumps any other thing. I tried to be a PJ, but it is not me. I hate clutter. I have used up and/or given away many products and have settled on 4 products that work for me in every situation.

    – I have discovered my hair hates shampoo. I have tried every moisturizing, no-sulfate brand there is. I am still researching ways to clean my scalp without shampoo so I am still using it to my hair's absolute horror.

    – I have discovered I don't know when an oil works for me. They all seem to work for me. I have tried so many types of oils, but there doesn't seem to be any difference in how my hair feels. I am choosing oils based on whether I like them so olive, coconut, safflower, avocado, and argan I will continue to use as I need, the rest will be used on my body.

    – I have also learned I can be quite verbose. Sorry!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @Rotaugia, check your local Tarjay. I haven't seen it at Walgreens, but Target, in the baby section, they have the whole line! I'm also interested in their actual hair oil… it has argan oil in it much higher on the list… I think that's next 🙂

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    girl don't sweat it and yes it can be very overwhelming. I'm overwhelmed… I can't walk into a store (walgreens, target, etc.) or pass an ULTA without stopping by and buying at least something. I just packed up my house and have two 18oz tubs filled to the brim with half used product. Sad.

    Anyway, send me an email, let me know what you wanna try and I'll send it to ya.

  • Anonymous says:

    OK everyone, I really want to put this matter to rest. I am the writer who made the orginal comment that offended so many people. Once again let me say that I AM SORRY. In my original comment I did not make a distinction between "advertising revenue" and "endorsement revenue" becaue I honestly did not know there was a difference. I should have done my homework. I now know there is a difference between the two. Nikki has clearly stated that she does not do endorsements, and that objectivity is very important to her. I accept her statement and I no longer wonder if product reviews on this site are linked to revenue. Yes, I should have thought before I posted. My first thought when I read the post was "Oh great, four more products to consider." Of course that is silly, but that is what I thought. I typed my comment without taking the time to think, and I admit that it was rude. I take full responsiblity for my thoughts and actions. Let me say it again, I AM SORRY!!! Having said that , I still stand 100% behind my concerns about the natural hair industry in general (not this site in particular). I think natural hair blogs and websites provide a wonderful service to all of us who want to have beautiful, healthy natural hair. At the same time, I often feel frustrated because it seems every day there is a new, "better" (and usually not cheap) natural hair product being featured or reviewed on various blogs/websites, and frankly I find it overwhelming. I know there has to be a simpler, less expensive approach to natural hair and I intend to find it. Once again, I am sorry for the offence that my first comment caused. I will say again, this website (and others) have really helped me along my natural hair journey).

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Kamesha. The writer was called a "hater" "jealous" and "naive" even after she apologized for offending people with her comment and admitting that it sounded rude. And I don't think she necessarily lobbied any false accusations. Anon @ 10:33 (the blogger) shares some interesting facts about the definition of an endorsement.

  • Anonymous says:

    Agree EmmaG. There's a huge difference between stating an opinion and lobbing false accusations.

  • EmmaG says:

    re Kamesha:
    I don't believe anyone attacked this writer for her opinion. It is the fact that she did it such a rude and distasteful manner. Perhaps you should encourage her to write down her thoughts or think before she expresses herself. No-one was focusing on her ideas. They were focused on how she came across as classless and rude. Thank goodness Nikki had some anti-venom on hand!.Sorry.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kamesha great comment especially the part about people agreeing and following as if they are mindless. I notice that in alot of websites especially blogs. People should be able to discuss any topic without being accussed of being "haters". Just because you choose not to have a one dimensional thought process and deviate from the norm does not make you a hater, and makes you a thinker and an individual that is not spineless, just a little food for thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well said, Kamesha!

  • Kamesha says:

    My hair has taught me:
    1. I only need to shampoo twice a month to combat dandruff and remove product buildup if there is any.
    2. It loves water so I rinse my hair or co-wash 2-3 times per week.
    3. It loves Aussie Moist, SoftSheenCarson's Care Free Curl Instant Moisturizer, ACV, shea butter (plain or whipped with other oils), coconut oil, and pure Aloe Vera gel…my staple products.
    4. Detangling is done easily 1-2x per month on soaking wet hair loaded with conditioner and/or oils. I start by separating large clumps by hands, then finger combing, shower/large tooth comb, and finally a Denman-type brush.
    5. Picked out or non-heat blown out Afros are not to be worn on humid or rainy days. My hair curls back on itself very tightly with lots of tangles and knots.
    6. EVOO = severely itchy scalp!!

    Off topic — I appreciate Anonymous (July 14, 2011 12:50 PM & July 14, 2011 2:57 PM) for expressing her opinion and recognizing that she came across mildly rude and accusatory. Thank you for your apology. It takes great strength to admit when you are wrong. Please be aware that not all oils are created equal so there may be a reason certain brand name oils in a particular combination works better for CN. Different oils provide different nutrients and moisturizing qualities and are different weights. (For example, Shea butter and almond oils are heavier than coconut oil and all absorb differently.)

    I appreciate Curly Nikki for taking the time to respond and doing so with such grace. I know other bloggers who would have gone off in a full rant while their followers applaud their loose tongues. By staying humble and in line with your character, you were able to provide clarity to her concerns. There are times when people speak without realizing how offensive their statements are. It's not always done in malice but rather ignorance in the true sense of the word…not the insult that some people make it out to be.

    Anon July 14, 2011 3:17 PM — Thank you for pointing out that allowing companies to post paid advertisements on the site and product endorsements are 2 completely separate things. This is exactly what the other anonymous poster needed to understand. Yes, Curly Nikki gets paid for advertisements…no, she does not get paid for endorsements.

    For those who claim that someone is hating or needs to be deleted for simply stating her own personal opinion instead of agreeing with every single thing Curly Nikki and her followers say like a mindless drone, please stay in your bubbles.

    Like that poster, I am able to form and express my own opinions and I have the right to do so. What is the point of having discussions if everyone has to agree or be cast out? This is part of how we learn and grow and what makes discussions (not arguments…they are 2 separate things) so interesting.

    A few months ago, I expressed a difference of opinion on another natural hair blog and was attacked severely. I contemplated leaving the site immediately and expressed that to the creator of the blog. I stayed on the site because the creator apologized for the attack and decided that she would indeed welcome people to express differences of opinion…when done respectfully, of course. I left recently because another member was attacked and run off the site when she expressed a difference of opinion.

    Curly Nikki seems to have a beautiful spirit so I would hate to leave this site. I cannot stay on a site on which forming and expressing your own opinions are discouraged.

    Thank you. Be blessed and be a blessing.

  • CandyWalk says:

    I've been transitioning for about 8 months and still learning what my hair likes…I plan on doing the big chop in 6 months…right now it really likes being moisturized. I used Shea Moisture's products…I really like Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Restorative Condition as a Leave In Conditioner…I also love using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration as a co-wash. I only shampoo my hair twice a month but co-wash weekly. I deep condition weekly with Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus ($2.79 at Sallys)…I have also been using silk scarves and it makes a big difference…overall this process makes my hair so soft. I am still trying to figure what oils it likes and what hair styles I can try to maintain low manipulation…the problem I am having is that half of my hair is natural and the other half is permed. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair has taught me that that it loves:
    finger de tangling
    olive,castor, and coconut oil
    adores oils in her shampoo and conditioners
    silk scarves, bonnets and silk pillows
    and last but not least
    there is no need to wash every week

    I love being natural..I am no longer a prisoner of my stylist, hot comb, or relaxer 7 years and going strong!

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair has taught me that it needs moisture. It’s not a big fan of oils. I love coconut oil but my hair hates it if isn’t mixed with something. If I don’t use the proper moisturize it forms tangles and knots that are almost impossible to get out. My favorite product right now is Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I love it, love it, love it. !!!!!!!!!

  • Jamila Reddy says:

    oh. my. word. That BABY is radiant. You all are quite the team! So precious.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair has taught me that I don't have to cowash every single day. I can give it a rest and preserve a style for up to three days, which saves me precious time that I can use for some other activity. Also, my hair has discovered the Suave Professionals line and it absolutely love the Shea & Almond shampoo and conditioner, along with the Sleek line. My hair never look so wonderful on such a low budget! I may have to give up my more expensive shampoos and conditioners when I'm done with them. Also, my hair loves Vatika Oil and Carol's Daughter Hair Elixir, which I use when I'm doing twist-outs. Both products give my hair a ton of shine and sheen! Futhermore, my hair has taught me that despite the fact that many naturals swear by HEHH, my hair absolutely hates it! It does nothing spectacular to my hair, other than detangle it. It leaves my hair feeling absolutely greasy, which I hate. I regret spending the money on that item, especially after discovering the Suave Professionals line. But, that's what I get from being a product junkie! LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting discussion on product endorsements, and I think an important one! I'm a blogger, and my understanding of the FTC guidelines on blog/website product endorsements is: If I as a blogger purchase a product with my own money and then write a review of the product on my blog, telling my readers how wonderful it is, that is NOT considered an endorsement. However if I am getting paid by another party to write the review, this IS considered an endorsement and I am supposed to let my readers know that I have been paid to write the review. If I have any material (financial) connection to a product I'm endorsing (for example if they have provdided me with free product or other compensation) I'm supposed to disclose this to my readers so they are aware. I'm also supposed to make the disclosure on an obvious spot on my blog (ie: as close to my endorsement as possible, not on an obscure "disclosure" link at the bottom of my blog). I'm a blogger not a lawyer and this is my understanding of the FTC guidelines. I think they are good, to promote transparency and consumer protection.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your response to anon 12:50 / 2:57 speaks volumes Nikki. Someone else may have totally deleted the comments to sanitize their blog / website / YT channel and the like.

    @ anon 12:50 / 2:57 how mature of you to apologize. I sense your frustration as well. I'll tell you that when I first started this journey I promised myself to look at information in a critical manner. So not because someone has results with a product meant that I necessarily would. If you feel inclined to try different products, then purchase a sample pack to determine what work well. But overall I would suggest keeping a simple routine and working with what's given you the best results. You may also want to journal your daily / weekly hair routine and how your hair responded to the products or methods that you've tried. I do this in a Word document on my computer, and I always go back to compare results.

    Okay……nuff said my hair:

    1. Likes and responds very well to Shea moisture Deep treatment / Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo, Smooth as Silk Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Leave In Conditioner.

    2. …also likes and responds well to Aveda protein treatment, grapeseed, castor and jojoba oils.

    3. Lastly it likes and responds well to Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love and Hair Milk

    I interchange my use of these products and still use them even when my hair is braided.

    Greetings from NY

  • Anonymous says:

    I just want to thank Nikki for all the hard work she puts into this site! You have helped me to learn so much about my hair. I would be clueless without you and your hard work has benefit me and cost me $0. Your always gracious and beautiful and just too darn cute in that pic with Boogie. I hope she's doing well. Some people have to learn in their own time to reign in their jealousy. I hope you are abundant in life in all you do Nikki because you have help me and THOUSANDS of other women understand who we are by knowing our hair. I thank you.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    1. My hair really loves Oyin Handmade's products.

    2. My hair enjoys simplicity.

    3. My hair enjoys coconut and EVOO oils only.

    4. My hair enjoys conditioners.

    5. My hair likes cornrows because they allow my hair some rest.

    6. My hair is glad that I left relaxing behind.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair has finally taught me that it doesn't need expensive products to look great and thrive. I can achieve beautiful, moisturized twist outs using a combo of shea butter, leave in conditioner and any type of oil. No need to pay $14 for a 5 oz. container of Qhemet Twist Butter.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair is teaching me to love her unconditionally…including the frizz!

    What I've learned recently is that my best wash-n-go is achieved by saturating my hair in the shower, applying Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner as a leave-in, lightly squeezing out excess water, then applying a little bit of SM Curl & Styling Milk, giving my hair a few wild shakes, and then finishing it off with SM Shine & Hold Mist. I used to include the SM curl enhancing smoothie in my routine, but my hair naturally curls into thick spirals and corkscrews on its own so I don't really need any curl enhancement. I think the smoothie was just weighing my curls down so now I save it for twist-outs.

  • Hairscapades says:

    I've learned the following:

    1. No conditioner on my scalp. It causes increased shedding on wash day.
    2. Finger detangling is my friend. I almost never use a comb anymore.
    3. I really like protective styles/updos!!! They keep my hands away from the sheathed scissors in my purse and my mind off of my hair when it should be on my work!!
    4. My hair LIKES being washed and conditioned in 4 twists. As henna has loosened my curls, the twists throughout my wash day routine help with "curl memory" and start setting up my hair to hold the twist pattern.
    5. My hair isn't as porous as it used to be because of henna and will dry very quickly without product.
    6. I should allow my hair to dry most of the way before applying product, so that it'll dry more quickly and will be fluffier.
    7. Too much oil in my kimmaytube leave-in results in flatter hair. Reducing the amount to half of kimmaytube's recipe results in the same level of moisture with more volume.
    8. I like blogging about hair!!! LOL!!


    (Okay, and Boog is so feaking adorable that I can't even take it. I was cracked up reading the comments about staring at Gia for 10 minutes without reading the post.=)

  • Bryanna says:

    I ♥ that picture :D! I am not natural yet, but I am going to chop tomorrow (I am so nervous :p). Your blog has been a major help for me during my transition. I was completely lost before, I didn't even know what natural hair was lol :p. I Thank you for doing what you do, and for those people with ignorant comments, face the truth or move on. Nobody has time for any nonsense.

    What I Have Learned About My Hair:
    – It is overly porous
    – It LOVES protein
    – It is coarse
    – It hates relaxers
    – It needs a satin bonnet @ night
    – It hates relaxers (lol :p)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,

    You look so pretty in that picture. Just brush the dirt off your shoulders and keep doing what you do. We love you!

  • Anonymous says:

    OK, Nikki, time to delete the first Anon, if she keeps it up (she's had her say). While I greatly appreciate everything I read on this site and others, I make my own decisions, choices based on the reviews & pictures of many, not one. So the first Anon, please take your argument and negativity elsewhere don't want to read it. I come here to read about natural hair care.

    To Anon, you are very naive, if you are to think that a person spend all their energy, time doing this without pay from us for free. If she gets something for her efforts so what, she's not hooking or golddigging!

  • Kimberly says:

    @Nikki, I just love, love you and Boogie!!! I'm relaxed. I haven't taken the plunge to go natural yet but I have learned so much from your site. I've learned that my hair loves Henna and coconut oil. I didn't know anything about Henna until reading about it on your site. Keep up the good work and please keep us informed about the trials and tribulations of Boogie!! She is so freakin' cute!!! I would kiss on those chubby cheeks all day!

  • Anonymous says:

    It does not like shampoos with sulfate and sodium, and is only luke warm about Cocamidopropyl Betaine. When ever I use shampoo I have lots and lots of shedding with some mild breakage. My hair comes out by the handful when washing and detangling. After a wash with shampoo my hair is unruly for at least two weeks. When I don't use shampoo my hair thrives, grows really fast and oozes with moisture. : ) So I use No Poo to shampoo!

  • naturallychelsea says:

    Nikki Imma be honest that I spent way too much time oogling your baby before even reading. Then I raced to finish reading so I could go back to oogle. Gurl you need to lock her up cuz she is to cyuuuttttteee!!!

  • Shalonda says:

    Simmer down people! It really is NOT that serious. As a natural for almost 2 yrs you have to find products that work for you. Nikki has mentioned LOTS of products that work for her on this site and LOTS that did not. Some I buy and some I dont. If you dont have similar texture then dont run out to get the products and get mad when you dont get the same results. YOU make yourself a product junkie not any one blogger. It is called self control people. My name is Shalonda and I approve this message!!

    With that said my hair has taught me that it needs to be washed and deep conditioned weekly. Also it don't like to be in a bonnet at night. It like to be free. She also dont like gel like products for twist.she prefer creams. The heavier the cream the better the twist and twist out.

  • nia0303 says:

    Let me just say I really respect Nikki's response. So classy! Some people (ahem,me) may not have been so gracious when someone attacks our business and character on a public site no less. This speaks volumes about you!

    Anywho, I've learned to wash once a week only but moisturize every day, DC overnight and do protective styles 4-5 days a week. Simple is best for me. I also think I'll be getting trims every 6-8 wks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok…in my opinion. Nikki and let's say "anon who has a right to her opinion both have a point". First Nikki does a great job and provides me…most of us with more Natural hair information and Entertainment…Lawd I love how u tell a story girl…hilirious, than any other site that I've ever visited. And I'm not mad at her for providing for her family; and if this means allowing advertisers to purchase space on her site for a little dough…than so be it!

    On the other hand…Nikki is a Icon to some people! She is a brand…let say a mini Oprah. Meaning that she is well known and her word holds A LOT OF WATER for some! with that said it is more likely that someone would go out and purchase something that she recommends. Don't get me wrong we are all responsible for are own actions and should be able to determine what's right for us.

    A side note: I think that many naturals over looks what they are really dealing with in regards to the texture of their own hair. What I mean is that some natural look at Nikki's hair and see that it's nice and curly…some people would love to have her texture. And when she recommends something they go out purchasing this product in hopes that it will somehow make there hair look like hers. Just be realistic and understand what works for her won't nessessarily work for you..or realize that the most you will get is a different result…maybe good maybe bad! I think the responsibility falls a little bit on both sides.

  • Braelynn says:

    Okay, I say let's ALL get a life and stop beating a dead horse about ANON's comments. Nikki responded appropriately and professionally. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so let's just agree to disagree and keep it moving. No one (especially Mrs. Nikki) is losing sleep over these comments.

    In the mean time, I have found that my hair loves Co-washing, products with coconut, protein, and glycerin. Aloe Vera juice is my friend, and Shea Moisture, Jessicurl, Enso, and KBN products (certain ones) are my HGs!

  • Anonymous says:

    the Shea Moisture line is sold at Targets. If you have one in your town you can mostly likely purchase it there. If not go on line to

  • Rotaugia says:

    Nikki–Where did you purchase the Shea Moisture's Baby Oil Rub?

  • Anonymous says:

    To anon @2:57 PM, you need to learn to own your choices. Nikki constantly has posts about keeping regiments simple so if you have gone out and purchased every product ever mentioned on this site then blame yourself for being foolish, Nikki has nothing to do with that. Reaping money from ads and accusing someone of getting paid to endorse certain products are 2 different animals. Every blogger and website that runs ads gets paid for it, however, stating that Nikki is being paid to endorse products, without proof, is not stating an opinion, it's not "keeping it real", it's libel and character defamation.

    Defamation—is the communication of a statement that makes a false or deliberately deceptive claim that is expressly stated or implied to be factual.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @anon, thanks for clarifying and thanks for reading!

    Please understand that I do not give endorsements. I've had offers for endorsements, but I forgo that money because it would compromise my mission… my objectivity.

    I provide content… the content on the blog is not for sell, my reviews are not for sell. I simply allow advertisers to be seen… they buy ad space and do giveaways, but an endorsement from me is never included.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kinda off the subject Nikki but I run a homebased daycare and as I tell all my parents, 99.9% of all baby girls look just like their dads. And your baby has solidified my case :)lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    sounds like we share the same head of hair :)– my hair is a coconut oil freak and satin pillowcase alone spells disaster for me!

  • Anonymous says:

    ohh…sounds like someone's been drinking that hatorade! Why do you care…did Nikki ask you for money?

    One thing I like about CN is that she doesn't endorse a particular brand…apparently just whatever she happens to be using.

  • mizcreativelyme says:

    yay … glad to see a post from CN herself! both of you are too precious in that pic:)
    my hair has taught me that it loves to be moisturized with "it's a 10" leave-in, sealed with a light butter or creamy/emulsified product, then twisted, pinned up and put away! i have retained soooo much length and finally conquered excessive SSKs! i ordered qhemets coco ghee just the other day [return to eden in my area sells qhemet products but they were out]. looking forward to trying it soon! *happy dance*

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry that I offended people with my previous comment. I read it again, and I agree that it sounds kind of rude, so I apologize for that. I understand that the natural hair industry is a business, and there's nothing wrong with making money blogging about something you are passionate about. I actually love this website. I check it out every day and I appreciate how it has helped me on my natural hair journey (10 months now). But that doesn't mean I can't have questions or express an opinion. The fact is, The New York Times recently quoted Nikki as saying she grossed as much money from advertising on her site as she did from her therapy work. I think that's great, and I'm happy that the site has been such a success. But it has caused me to wonder if the product endorsements on the site have any link to the revenue being made. I'm not saying that is the case, I'm just wondering. And let's be honest about product junkie-ism. Over the past few months I have personally found myself running out to buy many of the products endorsed on this site, only to find that I wasted a lot of money on products that pretty much produced the same results that a much cheaper product would have produced. The bottom line is, I think too many product endorsements do a dis-service to those of us who truly want to rock our natural hair but feel we have to spend a ton of money to do it. I feel sometimes there is too much pressure to try too many expensive products. I still maintain that a $5 bottle of EVOO would probably lubricate natural hair just as well as a $10 bottle of Burt's Bees Baby Oil or a $10 bottle of Shea Moisture Baby Oil Rub. Anyway, I respect Nikki for responding to my comment and stating her case, instead of just deleting it. Forums like this are meant to be a vehicle for free expression. I'm just trying to keep it real.

  • LMarie says:

    Over the last few months during the war between my hair and the humidity, I've learned that my hair loves to be re-twisted every night. I cannot pineapple, my hair will frizz and matte at the same time when I sleep without twist. I've learned that my hair loves a light spritz of water before I retwist at night. I use "product" only once a week on wash day (or detangling day if I wash bi-weekly). I need to sleep with a silk scarf to preserve moisture and during humid sticky days, protective styles are a must. I usually pin my hair in a bun and it will remain moist and defined for the entire humid day. Last but not least, my hair hates to be combed unless it's wash day and/or detangling day when I'm trying to make my style last for an additional week. I find the more I comb the more my hair frizzes. I'm very gentle while combing so I'm not scared of breakage but, I immediately lose definition and my hair becomes so soft that it's difficult to define again if it's fully combed through.

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep on doing what you are doing CN and keep on advertising whatever you like!!!! I think the site is great and I think that post was very offensive and RUDE! I love the site.

  • Naptural_ray1 says:

    lol seriosly.."I'm sure any regular oil (olive, jojoba, avocado etc) would do just as good a moisturinzing job as the Shea Moisture Baby Oil or the Burt's Bees Baby Oil you just promoted." well if you think they will do just as good go try them..this is Nikki's opinion..its her BLOG duh!!

    1. but anyways back to the post…my hair also loves qhemets!! I went a month without using any (I ran out) and my hair never felt the it definitely taught me that ghemets AOHC is a must have to keep it soft bouncy and moisturized!!!

    2.My hair loves to be finger detangle!! it makes the whole process way eaiser and it feel great to work our tangles instead of popping them with a comb..I always have less shed hair in my hair after I finger detangle too

    but i do wanna try the coco ghee..and thanks for giving your reviews Nikki they really do help!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Currently I'm using products from the Qhemet Biologics line as well! (i.e. Burdock Root Butter, Tea Tree gel, waiting for the twist butter)so far me and my daughter has had great results! I also love, love, love, the Curl Junkie line!

    I learned that my fine porous 4a/3c nape area hair loves protein! My hair does well with hennas, and the Organic Roots Hair Mainaise.

    My hair likes oils too..especially Olive oil but I like shea butter better mix up and thinned out with the olive oil. Works Wonders for my tresses!

    My hair also love being washed weekly and misted daily with a moisture mix or plain Old H20.

  • Anonymous says:

    All of libel thats funny I think that is going too far. We all understand through advertisement the sites keeps going. Nikki has to eat like anyone else, but that does not take away from the valuable information that she provides all of us. If you dont like it don't look. I'm looking and I think CurlyNikki is awesome and so do the countless friends that I refer to this site.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh I've learned so much!! My 3C/4A highly porous fine hair NEEDS moisture and the only way to get it is pure H20. However, I've found that my hair loves aloe vera juice and gel and that it prefers oils instead of butters (*sigh). I've also started slowly re-introducing light cones into my regimine to help lay my cuticles flat and make detangling easier. I'm also learning to combat these dang SSKs which have robbed me of my length in the past.

  • Anonymous says:

    That's funny – I've discovered that my hair really likes oil too! It loves to be dry detangled with coconut oil. And since I also go a few weeks without washing my hair as well, it also loves either the combo of either Oyin whipped pudding and JC Nourish & Shine or Qhemet Biologics and JC Nourish & Shine. I'm not left with any flakes when I use either of these combos. Finally, I realize that I cannot detangle my hair after it's been oversaturated with water. I lose a ton of hair that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    12:50 PM take a break from the computer, it's not that serious. Check out what's going on currently in the world, now there are alot of things going on that you can get heated about.

    Anyway, my hair has taught me ALOT lately!

    I learned I have to cover my hair with a SILK cap at night or I wake up with drier hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is not enough. I will be broke soon and since I will be using one for the next couple of years, I want to invest in one now.

    My hair seems to be medium-low porosity but LOVES shea moisture deep treatment mask preferably mixed with AVJ. I've been battling dry hair for like 8 months so this has been a major discovery.

    When I'm constipated my hair and skin act and look horrible. TMI? I don't care! LOL.

    Tressemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner has not only made cowashing an option for my hair but an actual benefit. I really recommend it for anyone that is looking for a cowash shampoo, it is also sulfate free. I have 4a/4b coarse hair for reference.

    I have to use something creamy and thick to seal my ends. Oils just make my hair frizzy and shea butter is too heavy.

    Also, that picture is so precious!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Pecancurls…I agree. Even suggesting that constitutes libel.

  • JMartinez516 says:


    I have a REALLY hard time sleeping with a satin bonnet on a satin pillow case. My head slides all over the place. Any suggestions??

  • Pecancurls says:

    Anon @ 12:50, that was pretty harsh. Take the opinions or leave them, but no need to be mean and question someone's integrity.

  • GGmadeit says:

    ok if I could get past that picture of my cyber niece I would actually read the article/question! You two made me smile!

  • Anonymous says:

    CN lists a ton of products she likes in her "CurlyNikki's Fav Products" section. She's a natural hair blogger. All natural hair bloggers tell us what they're liking at the moment. A couple of months ago, she raved about Curls and Oyin. Now she like Qhemet. She also lists that she likes coconut and olive oils. According to you, she's getting kickbacks from the olive and coconut oil industries too? Whatever.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @anon, that's not fair. I take my job here seriously. Yes, ads fund this site, but no brand has ever bought my opinion. I share and rave about what works for me… always have, always will. Trust that there will never be a day that I tell you I like a product that I don't. And right now, I really like qhemet. Before that, I really liked curls… before that Deva. I wish the brands would send me a check for all that extra traffic!!

  • Pecancurls says:

    BTW, very cute pic of you and Baby G!

  • Pecancurls says:

    Patience. I am 10 months into my transition.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes Nikki, you have mentioned before how much you love the Qhemet Biologics line. And it appears that you receive money from them becaue they advertise on your website. I think I counted 4 product endorsements in your post. To be honest, it's getting a bit discouraging. I get it, you make money by endorsing products and advertising on your website, but lets keep it real. I'm sure any regular oil (olive, jojoba, avocado etc) would do just as good a moisturinzing job as the Shea Moisture Baby Oil or the Burt's Bees Baby Oil you just promoted.

  • Rotaugia says:

    Where did you purchase the Shea Moisture's Baby Oil Rub?

  • Anonymous says:

    After a year of experimentation my 4b porous hair taught me that I must wash it in 8-10 braids or it will be a tangled mess. I braid, deep condition with focus below the scalp, wash with a small amount of shampoo with focus on the scalp, ACV rinse, detangle each braid and apply leave-in and coconut oil to seal–then rebraid. The key is for me to rinse thoroughly between each step, especially afer the shampoo.

  • fabfreshandfly says:

    I would say that listening to my hair for the past 10 months has taught me valuable lessons. It taught me that my hair loves to be washed weekly and co-washed once a week. It taught me that Coconut Oil and Vatika Oil are a must haves, and that my hair and heat do not go well. Since I have learned to take better care of my hair, I had the courage to trim off about 4 inches, wear my hair natural 80% of the time and minimize my dependence on heat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Have yet to try qhemets! Man is there ANYWHERE you can get this without ordering? Guess I'll have to suck it up and order! I digress! Over the past few months I found out that 1. My hair loves HE totally twisted as a styler, 2. My hair also LOVES henna treatments, and 3. My hair loves deep conditioning over night vs under dryer. Oh yea and oyins shine and define is a staple whenever I have some. I run out soooo quickly!

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