The past few months have revealed the following–

1. My hair needs to be covered at night. Sleeping on satin alone does not suffice. Whether I’m pineappling loose hair, or in chunky twists, I religiously tie on a satin cap and fall asleep on a satin pillow case. I ditched the bonnet for 6 months to a year and realized that maintaining moisture was next to impossible.

2. My hair likes oil. Go figure. I mean REALLY likes it. The lubrication keeps it pliable, soft, and less prone to breakage. I oil daily, sometimes twice a day. My favorite brands right now are Shea Moisture’s Baby Oil Rub (OMG, just got this last weekend… LOVING IT!), and Burt’s Bees Baby Oil.

3. My hair likes to be gently detangled (with oil) before washing, but DETESTS being washed in twists. I revisited this at my most recent wash session and although cleansing my scalp was easy peasy, the resulting matting and tangling was a nightmare. From now on, I will detangle with oil, but leave the hair out during the wash and condition.

4. Everyone should try diluting their shampoo and putting it in an applicator bottle. It will totally revolutionize the way you wash your hair. For the first time in months, my hair feels thoroughly cleansed.

5. I really, really, really like Qhemet Biologics. Have I mentioned this before? LOL. The Cocoa Ghee can be re-applied countless times without buildup or gunk and leaves my hair moisturized, smooth, soft, detangled and defined. The Twist Butter has an excellent consistency for dry twisting, and seals my ends. I’m a fan.

That’s all I got… how about you?