I thought it’d be hilarious to take a look at what’s inside of this natural diva’s purse. I was cleaning it out one day… LOL! Here’s what I found:

  • Not one, but two widetooth combs… even though I don’t use them in my daily styling…I’m a finger comb sort of girl. Lol!!!
  • A 9-oz container of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme. I use it to lightly taper my hair on the edges because it smells fantastic.
  • I ALWAYS travel with bobby pins, hair clips and occasionally you’ll find tucking combs on me for those days my hair doesn’t want to cooperate. I would resort to them pretty regularly at first because I wasn’t sure what effect products vs. weather had on my hair…but now, I’m pretty product confident. I know what most will do for my hair.

As part of my daily styling routine…I always use a natural oil, mainly olive oil, and quite often a small amount of shea butter to keep my hair moisturized.

But the takeaway point is something I always preach when it comes to you and your natural hair — always be prepared and always have a backup plan. That will make your journey so much more enjoyable!

So divas, what’s in your purse?