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Where to Purchase Ingredients- Natural Mixtresses

By January 27th, 202118 Comments

Where to Purchase Ingredients- Natural Mixtresses

by Jarmelia of DIY Hair Care Blog

When I started making my own hair and skin care products at home, I spent hours trying to find the cheapest, best quality ingredients. In order to save you time, here’s a list of my faves. Happy mixing!

Bramble Berry-I have ordered from this site. I like their prices and they offer great quality products. Dislike: They use FedEx and FedEx takes up to 5-7 days to deliver. So, if you need a quick turnaround, this may be a problem.

  • Fragrance oils- they have the best reviews online for their fragrance oils, smell true to description.
  • Preservatives
  • Emulsifiers/Wax

Coastal Scents -Quick shipping (2-3 days) and great prices. Also, if you order $40 or more you get free shipping! Dislike: They don’t have dependable stock. A lot of items are out of stock often.

  • Butters- Shea butter & cocoa butter
  • Carrier Oils (sweet almond, coconut, etc.)
  • Black Soap
  • Containers

From Nature With Love (Haven’t ordered from them but they get great reviews online via soap forums and such)

Mountain Rose Herbs – Great company with great prices! They have a nice catalog with lots of invaluable info. They give thorough details about each herb and essential oil. The shipping does take a bit longer though… you will be waiting about 7 days for your order. Dislike: Order processing, it took about 3 days for one of my orders to even process before shipping.

  • Herbs
  • Carrier Oils
  • Butters
  • Essential Oils

Essential Wholesale – Great company to order from. Prices are awesome and the shipping is quick. I got a few orders within 2 days! Shipping prices can be a bit expensive but, they’re fair.

  • Product bases
  • Carrier Oils
  • Butters

Midwest Bottles – Quick shipping and awesome prices! They also pair the containers with the tops, so you don’t have to guess! The shipping prices are reasonable they ship quick! Orders are also processed quickly, I received my notices the same day for a few orders. Dislike: Their stock isn’t reliable. What you see one day you may not see in stock the next day.

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Dispensers
  • Packaging

DIY Hair Care Products :)- I love this company (of course b/c I own it, right?)

  • Shea Butter
  • Herbs

Where do you purchase your ingredients?


  • Anonymous says:

    I get a majority of my oils, especially my coconut oil from…Their prices are very reasonable. The same coconut oil that I was getting for 14.99 @ Whole Foods I can get @ VitaminLife for 7.49. And they have flat rate shipping, everything ships for 5.95.LOVE IT! The only draw back is that it takes 1 week sometimes 10 days for it to get to me in SC from Washington state, bummer.

  • Angela says:

    I'm also beginning to experiment with making my own products. I've ordered supplies from Organic Creations, New Directions Aromatics, and Essential Wholesale. I had no issues with order processing, shipping, etc. Organic Creations was very responsive when I emailed them asking if I could add a few more products to the order I had just placed. They were happy to do so.

  • Anonymous says:

    ananda apothecary is amazing for essential oils (QUALITY) and great customer service and carrier oils.

  • The Antifash says:

    I just purchased a number of items from I forgot to add a couple of things so I emailed them as soon as I remembered and they emailed me right back. The prices are good, and the service seems to be good as well. I will reserve my 5 stars until I receive the items, but things seem to be going pretty well thus far.

    Try them out chicas!

  • Anonymous says:

    For your fans from France: Aromazone is the best in town for affordable, highest quality, organic and natural products. From oils to essential oils via containers.
    Online with their website or in their brick and mortar shop in Paris where you can meet some of the French natural fashionistas.
    For ayurvedic products, in Paris near the metro station Strasbourg St Denis. These are some of the places we can find the products to follow your awesome tips and recipes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchase all of my products from Camden Grey They give an indepth description of how each butter / oil is extracted, it's uses, usage percentages in homemade products, etc. The prices are great and they always have specials and online coupons. Don't sleep on Camden Grey. They sell EVERYTHING.

  • Whitney says:

    I can vouch for fromnaturewithlove, too. My items came in with their tops wrapped and surrounded by bubblewrap, which was very reassuring. I don't remember how long it took for the shipping, but I know I received the items in a reasonable time period.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have purchased from Butters n Bars, quality ingredients and products, shipping time as expected. I like that if you have a question you can contact them and they will reply without prolonged delay. On my first order asked for Almond Oil was sent Jojoba Oil. Emailed them they apologized for the mix up immediately sent out the correct item, no charge of course, was told to keep the Jojoba Oil.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I can vouch for fromnaturewithlove :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I love New Directions Aromatic.

  • Anonymous says:

    i use, it's a great place to find essential and carrier oils, as well as vitamins and health foods. they also have a great selection of already made hair and skincare products, and the prices? excellent. nothing is full price :)

  • Care 4 Curls by Paige says:

    I am in the UK and I purchase my ingredients from the following:
    Herbs & essential oils –
    Ayurveda powders & oils –
    Henna, indigo & cassia –

  • mangomandness says:

    I have purchased unrefined shea butter from in the past.

    For my next purchase, I will try because they have free shipping when you purchase unrefined shea butter. Nothing beats free shipping! Haha

  • Beneath The Clutter says:

    I make an ayurvedic conditioning treatment and purchase the powders (neem, brahmi, methi) from an Indian store. The treatment really makes my hair soft and easy to detangle. Also, I make the kimmaytube leave-in conditioner. So, I usually buy the oils from whole foods or my local grocery store.

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased products from Butters n bars. The shipping time was ok. Took about a week. The only downside was that the hemp seed oil that I ordered spilled a little bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just a warning to those of us who love awesome customer service. Please read my review on LHCF before purchasing from Texas Natural Supply in Austin TX.

    Happy Mixing Ladies

  • Ms. Pillowz says:

    I like Mountain Rose Herbs. I'm on there now with a bottle of Argan Oil in my basket. :p

  • Indulgenceiskey says:

    I purchase my oils and butters from Brambleberry. I purchase my containers from Bayousome ( They are awesome and they have quick shipping and great prices!!

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