Remember Jhené Aiko? Formerly signed to Epic records, she was cross promoted with B2K, opening for them on tour. Quick fact– My sister, a die hard B2K fan (don’t kill me Syl), actually saw her in concert when they came to St. Louis. Due to personal reasons and the desire to finish her education, she never released a record.

Fastfoward a few years, and she’s back on the scene… with a new mixtape that’s generating a lot of buzz! Featuring collaborations with Kanye, Drake and Miguel, hopefully this time, she’s here to stay.

I recently caught up with her and learned:

1.) She’s 100% natural and has been for much of her life. But once, when she was younger, around 15, she got a Just For Me relaxer on her edges just because her aunt was a hair stylist and she wanted to try something new.

2.) She is the product queen! A self proclaimed product junkie! She will try any and every product. It’s what she will “spend her last $5 on.” Right now she is wearing her hair curly because it is too hot in LA to straighten it, but she raves over Mixed Chicks and Biosilk. She also uses the entire Dermalogica skin care line.

3.) Her hair is super curly and when she wants to wear it straight, she blows it out and uses a ceramic flat iron. She doesn’t like the bone straight look and allows the mist of the ocean to help her achieve a more natural look.

What do you think of the mixtape?

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