Hola Chicas!

I’ve been using CurlFormers with great success to stretch my hair in order to bun or chunky twist for extended periods of time. I owned a pack of CurlFormers back in the day but gifted them to Maria in a giveaway last Christmas…. maybe 2 Christmases ago. Anyway, the sets are exactly like I remembered… puts me in the mind of an old school Press & Curl. It takes all the bulk out of my hair and makes it look very thin and scalpy. I do, however, appreciate how straight it gets it… especially the edges and roots, with NO HEAT! It’s almost bizarre.

If you remember, I like to keep my hair in a stretched state because it reduces tangling, single strand knots and breakage. I also like twisting on dry, previously stretched hair because the results appear much fuller than they would on wet hair.

I feel like I share this story all the time, but oh well… here it goes again 🙂

The one time I saw an incredible jump in length retention… like, what literally took me from shoulder length (was stuck there forever) to arm pit length, was consistent CurlFormer sets styled in the Southern Tease Bun–

I’d re-wash and set every two weeks and do this low manipulation, super chic bun in the meantime. Major length retention!

I like the CurlFormers better than magnetic rollers because they’re easier and quicker to put in and the somewhat smooth results are a great primer for a dry set (bantu knot-out, twist-out, braid-out, pin curl or Twist-n-Curl). Sleeping in them is hell and I’m thinking I need to modify my routine so that I put the rollers in early in the a.m. and take them out before bed. The bonnet dryer is always an option but I hate sitting still for that long.

My process–

  • After my normal wash routine, in the evening, I get out of the shower and gently wring my clean, thoroughly rinsed hair to remove excess water.
  • I heavy handedly apply a layer of oil of the Argan variety.
  • Section hair into two halves and pin the right side out of the way.
  • Working from the nape of my neck to the front, I section out one piece at a time. I apply a bit of leave-in (Salerm 21 or whatever I have on hand… nothing sticky or buttery though) and put in the CurlFormer.
  • Continue until all hair is rolled… takes me around an hour.
  • Leave in until dry… 12 hours in my case.
  • Carefully remove one roller at a time.
  • Finger comb (with oily hands) and bun. I usually twist up several days later. And I don’t roll the ends on flexis until the night before I have somewhere to go. So 90% of the time I’m rocking a bun or chunky twists under a beanie.
  • While in the twists, once a week or so, I do the heated oil/moisturizer treatment with my heat cap.

And now… pics!

I (re) purchased the Salon kit last month from Sallys for way too much money.

I used all 40 Long and Wide rollers

after a terrible night attempting sleep

gets the roots pretty smooth…

bunned! I’ll keep it in the bun for a few days and will

probably twist it up using an Argan/Castor oil mix
over the weekend

This particular CurlFormer set at the end of July…

resulted in these dry sets….



For the above Twist-n-Curls, I made 11 twists on my dry, Curlformer stretched hair, using Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee and lots of Treasured Locks Argan oil or my own Argan/Castor Oil mix. I wore the twists for several days (using the heat cap at least once) and the night before the respective events, I re-moisturized the ends and rolled them on skinny flexi rods. It’s that simple!

Boogie on the move! Peep the cardigan 🙂

Using CurlFormers too?

Share your experiences including a description of your hair (coily, wavy, dense, thin, etc.), the products you use, and the like 🙂