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Brahmi Oil For Healthy Hair

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

Brahmi Oil For Healthy Hair

Kim L. Kirsch via

In today’s beauty world we are hearing about new, all-natural products every day. Some work very well and deliver on their promises while others, well, let’s just say they leave much to be desired.

Brahmi oil, however, is one of those helpful little items that help curlies in ways that they may never have understood before. In fact, most of us do not even realize that this oil is found in many of the natural hair products we already use.

Health Benefits and Origin

Brahmi oil (better known as Gotu Kola), is a regenerative herb that has been used for thousands of years as a medicine. This Gotu Kola is a common ground cover, which is found in the tropics of India.

Brahmi oil has a sweet fragrance and is green in color. The proponents of Brahmi say that the herb promotes intellect and enhances mental performance. Brahmi fans also state that proper function of the nervous system is greatly enhanced by the herb.

Guto Kola has also been used to help people with amnesia, memory loss, general weakness, senility, neurasthenia, and coughing. Those suffering from epilepsy, venereal disease, and insomnia have also reported tremendous Guto Kola benefits.

Of course, the question comes down to, “What can this do for my curly hair?”

When used properly, curlies will not want to go another day without it. While Brahmi is normally an ingested tonic, you can seek amazing benefits for your curly hair by using the herb in its oil form.


Let’s face it, from time to time even the most vigilant of us can end up with bouts of dandruff and a dry itchy scalp. When applied to roots every night, Brahmi oil will replenish hair roots with the necessary moisture and cure your dandruff problems. In addition, Brahmi oil will make the hair follicle stronger with continued use.

Hair Loss

Many curlies apply Brahmi oil regularly to their scalp in order to nourish their hair roots, promoting growth. When using the oil, you will be keeping your head cool and allowing hair to grow quicker.

Split End Prevention

Once you have been using Brahmi oil on your hair you will begin to see that your split ends are fewer and farther between. Consistent use of Brahmi oil coats the hair follicle providing an extra layer of protection and thus preventing both discoloration and split ends while promoting luster.

Sources of Brahmi

Many natural oils already contain Brahmi, so if you want to try it, then all you need to do is read the labels.

It is also in many massage oils, conditioners and shampoos. Brahmi oil has a fruity, fresh herbal aroma and can be blended with sandalwood to offer an even more relaxing experience while handling that dandruff and those pesky split ends.

Remember, the best way to apply Brahmi oil is to massage it into your roots. Daily head massage also promotes blood circulation to the area and encourages faster hair growth.


  • Anonymous says:

    Can you provide a reliable link to purchase this product?

  • ANNA G. says:

    I love this stuff…it is a great strengthener. I use it to oil my scalp after cowashing and and massage it in. It has a tingling feeling and does promote a peaceful sleep. The smell you have to get used to but it is not a problem when you apply your other products. My hair does not shed as much and it leaves it looking shiny and sleek. I also can see some growth. Very beneficial.

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