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I’m a sucker for chocolate, cake, brownies, cookies and those heavenly delicious Tahitian caramel chocolates at Trader Joe’s (why do you constantly tempt me?). Needless to say, my sweet tooth battles have fought against my better judgement only to arise the victor.

While I love food, the creativity in it and the vast amount of delicious deserts pastry chefs can create, I have to admit that my addiction to sugar and chocolate has resulted in an epic fail for my health and my skin. It’s a daily battle I’m fighting so please keep me in your prayers.

Including too many refined sugars in your diet can lead to heart disease, throw off your body’s natural insulin level leading to breakouts and lack of energy and overall be a disaster to your body. In fact, as I was battling PCOS, one of the things my acupuncturist told me to steer clear of was sugar.

Today I still struggle. I binge on dark chocolate but I’m learning to choose quality dark chocolate and have just a piece and save the other half of the bar for tomorrow.

You can curb your cravings by getting your feel of natural sugars. It takes a while for the cravings to go away but after 48 to 72 hours you’re body should normalize.

Can I substitute?

If you’re like me and can’t imagine going too long without something sweet, try using natural agave, a sweetener in your deserts. Look for reduced sugar and Stevia products.


Kicking out sugar doesn’t mean loading up on Nutrasweet, Splenda or Equal. For decades there has been debate on whether or not artificial sweeteners made with the ingredient aspartame can cause cancer, and can cause birth defects in the fetuses of pregnant women.

Keep yourself safe by getting a variety of natural sugars. Here’s a list of great sources:

  • Fruit – I keep dried and fresh fruit stocked in my cabinet as often as possible and in my purse when I get my mid-day chocolate craving. It curbs my sweet tooth and gives me an energy boost.
  • Vegetables – Sautee your favorites like cabbage, peppers and onions with a little bit of honey and I guarantee you won’t crave desert.
  • Whole grains – Eating actual food during the day instead of the processed crap will fill us up on valuable calories and leave us satisfied longer.

Maybe we can all start a support group because God knows I need one! If you’re battling a sugar addiction, let’s chat about healthy alternatives.

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