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Curly Nikki

Finding the Courage to Big Chop!

By January 27th, 20217 Comments


As women, most of us feel naked without our hair framing our faces, touching our shoulders or blowing in the wind. Actresses like Emma Watson and Halle Berry are revered for their short chopped locks, which scream, “I’m brave, and am totally rocking it.”

For us humble folk without a celebrity stylist, however, it is a rare day that the idea of a big chop doesn’t make our hearts skip a freaked out beat. But when that rare day comes, and it will, that’s the time to take advantage and get rid of the weighed down, straightened, broken strands to which we are so emotionally attached.

That is exactly what My-Cherie did, and at 3 A.M. nonetheless. So, if you are on the verge of gaining the courage to cut it off and begin transitioning, find some inspiration in My-Cherie’s big chop excitement and her big chop song!


  • Unknown says:

    I made the big chop yesterday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon… I was really afraid at first, being taught that if my hair was not a certain length that I was not beautiful, so I panicked. But after it was all said and done, my beautician and fellow sister of natural hair turned me to the mirror and said look. And at that moment I saw what God seen, me naturally beautiful.

  • My-Cherie says:

    OMG, thank you beauties for showing me so much love. I feel AMAZINGLY FREE~~~ Stay tuned for the "Finishing Touch" to my 3am BIG CHOP! 😉

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    looks good! all my teen years and a small part of early adulthood i rocked a very short halle berry type style. I was active and it just worked for me but i did get a lot of crap for it from grand mom and older people, also some my own age always asked where was my weave. I commend you lovely lady it does take some courage to just cut it all off and you look lovely

  • ChiCurly1908 says:

    Congrats!!!!! I BC'd last night after 19 months of transitioning, just me, my spray bottle and some shears. I did my first twist out and it looks sooooo much better now that those ends are gone!!!!! I feel soooo liberated and free now…

  • Anonymous says:

    Love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    G'ahead girl! (and your pick too…hehe…)

    I'm doing the BC this Wednesday and can't wait! All the best to you on your natural journey! 🙂

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