by NikG of

This is a fairly simple style incorporating flat twists and regular two strand twists. I was inspired by this style by AfrikanHairGod. This is perfect for back to school. Your daughter can wear her hair like this one week and a twist out the next week.

The style is pretty basic as long as you know how to do flat twists. I began parting on damp hair near her left ear all the way back. I applied a little Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme to each section then applied a little Darcy’s Botanicals Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade on top of that. Her hair was already detangled so I just brushed through each section with our Denman D4 brush to distribute the product evenly. For flat twists, after you part the section you want to flat twist, grab a little bit of hair in the front, split the section in two then twist the two around once or twice, then hold your right section down towards the scalp, grab a little bit of hair, add it to that section, then cross the section over to your left, your left section now becomes your right section, hold it down towards the scalp, grab a tiny bit of hair, add it to that section, then cross over. Continue this process until you get to the ends. Right now I’m using a rubberband at the end of each flat twist to make sure it stays put. I only wrap it around 3-4 times, not tight but just enough to make sure the flat twist doesn’t become too loose. I flat twisted three sections straight back then moved to the top where I began flat twisting at an angle going to the right. I’m still working on my flat twists to they are not perfect by any means. After I had all the flat twists in I grabbed large sections of the remaining hair, added the Darcy’s Botanicals products and twisted until I was done. The entire style took about an hour and a half.

Miss A doesn’t start school for another week so unfortunately this will not be her back to school style. I’m still not sure what we’re doing for the first day of school. How will your child wear their hair on the first day of school?