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Curly Nikki

Friday Fun- Your Hair and Drop Top Convertibles

By January 27th, 202121 Comments
Friday Fun- Your Hair and Drop Top Convertiblesreally? I love stock photos…

MelMelBee writes:

So, I know since most of us have given up relaxers, we no longer have to run from rain, wind or snow. BUT, would any of you ride in/purchase a drop top convertible? They are super sexy, but I’m not sure I would want to ruin my fresh twist-out! Maybe on twist-out day 5 I’d go for a drive.

What about you?!

CN Says;

Funny you should ask. My friend has a brand new convertible *top missing…yep yep, that ish look like a toupee* and I’m seriously contemplating riding shot gun to the STL event this weekend . BUT, I’m not gon’ lie… I’m not quite sure I’d want my fresh Twist-n-Curl exposed to the brutal heat, wind and humidity, especially prior to an event that I’m hosting. I’m already a bit self-conscious at the meetups… hoping I can live up to y’all’s expectations of me, and I’m sure this would only add to that anxiety.

I’m truly torn though, because one of the reasons I stopped straightening was to improve my overall quality of life… to not have to worry about the rain and such. But sadly, all I can think about is my hair whipping around in that wind and split ends cropping up as fast as ‘Mo Money Taxes’ across the city of St. Louis. Mo Money Taxes… really? Yeah, I’d totally trust them to help me file my return. Sounds awfully legit.


  • CoilyRob says:

    My car is a convertible, and I love this time of year. No matter what type of natural hairstyle I am wearing, if it's over 75 degrees, the top is down! I love the feel of the wind blowing through my hair. I could not do that when I was relaxed.

  • hairscapades says:

    I was natural and a WnG girl when I bought my brand new convertible Mustang (silver with black leather interior) in 2001. I wanted one after spending lovely days in my friend's VW Cabriolet drop top. I didn't have any problems in her car. But my care was hazardous on my WnG!! See, her car had a high, square windshield that seemed to block the wind well, whereas mine had an lower, angled front windshield that didn't block the wind at all … and don't let me leave with wet hair (which I always did), it would be all blown up on the left side and a lot flatter on the right! But, I just adjusted by pulling my hair into a low pony when riding in it or waiting for my hair to dry most of the way before putting the top down. I LOVED my Mustang and am still sad that I no longer have it (totaled in the month before my last car note … don't get me started on how devastated I was!). I'll get another convertible one day, hair be damned! That's what buns and ponytails are for=). LOL!


  • MsAkira says:

    Why not just loosely tie a scarf around your hair and then take it off when you get out of the car? It will protect your hair from the wind, direct heat and humidity…

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Mo' Money Taxes…they're in Michigan too

  • KHurly Girl says:

    I own a drop top and it feels FABULOUS to let the wind blow through my curls — LOVE IT!! Once you get to your destination, just fluff/smooth and go! Plus, you can always raise the side windows so you don't get as much wind while driving at high speeds on the highway.

    Let's Parlez

  • MommieDearest says:

    I love the feel of the wind blowing through my hair. Even when I was relaxed. I rode in a drop top recently and when I arrived at my destination I gave my wind-blown hair a shake and fluffed and I was good to go.

    However if you want to save your look, then sport the great scarf and big shades (Jackie O style) as already suggested. It doesn't matter because you will bring the pretty regardless.

  • Anonymous says:

    You ladies are sizzling with style suggestions! When I went for a ride in my neighbor's convertible we both sported boring baseball caps. Her hair is relaxed, and mine is natural. Next time we'll have to strut our stuff with the scarves and big sunglasses. Lesson learned.


  • musicurl says:

    HOW TO TIE (w/ illustration:)

    Here's a link from a "how-to-tie" article for Hermes scarves referencing Jackie O's style.

    Ad fab glasses and voila! Also you can go even more drama w/ super long silk scarf (like one you can wrap around your shoulders) with the same concept…that way you can keep your head covered and have the length of the scarf draping dramatically behind you

    The entire article (see 3rd illustration down):

  • Anonymous says:

    I love it!!! I used to have a convertible (R.I.P.) and riding with the wind blowing through my hair with it whipping around was better than therapy and left me with a smile on my face. My hair was a blow out for real but with some confidence and you can rock it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Throw a scarf on and tie it under your chin, a la '50s television commercials. Oh yeah, don't forget you oversized shades.

  • Anonymous says:

    to an event, i would with a side parted slick bun and scarf with the big glasses on my retro ish
    but for funtimes… i would load up on a deep condish covered with an oil and not worry

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki…Go for it! So what if you hair gets a little frizzed! You only live once! Put on a summer hat/scarf, bright lipstick, large sunglasses and HAVE FUN! Oh…and walk with confidence!


  • Etoile says:

    One day last summer I had just gotten my hair 'did', cut, colored, fresh twist-out and my friend arrived to pick me up in the convertible…top down…ready to go hang…negotiations began and as we pulled off the top was up, ac on and I had agreed to purchase a round of drinks. I was not interested in the ginormous afro PLUS tangles that would have been the result of a 20 minute ride with the top down. Lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    my hair got sooo frizzy and dry! i hated it come wash day. it was a tangled mess.

  • Unknown says:

    I love riding with my hair blowing in the wind. It only makes it bigger.

  • Like Water says:

    First, make sure you stick with riding shot gun. If you get anywhere near that back seat, you can forget about saving your hair. Then, I would go with 'braidntwists' advice and tie it up like the starlettes did back in the day.

    You can also ride with the top up on the way to the event and drop it for the ride back. 🙂

  • LaFemmeRouge says:

    I agree with 'braidsntwists'. I was thinking a nice scarf with some really large sunglasses…

  • braidsntwists says:

    I would just put on a pretty scarf, tie it in a stylish way, sport some sunglasses and go!

  • Anonymous says:

    U could always pineapple it. However I'd just do a fresh braidout without separating and let the wind separate it. That's what I did on the beach 🙂

  • Imani says:

    I did it the other day on my way to work in my friend's convertible. I think it was the combination of the wind and humidity that caused the full fro that I consequently sported for the rest of the day. I can't say I hated it but it did compromise the integrity of the style.

    Next time I find myself in a drop top situation I think I'll pin it up and then take it down when I get where I'm going.

  • Imani says:

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