really? I love stock photos…

MelMelBee writes:

So, I know since most of us have given up relaxers, we no longer have to run from rain, wind or snow. BUT, would any of you ride in/purchase a drop top convertible? They are super sexy, but I’m not sure I would want to ruin my fresh twist-out! Maybe on twist-out day 5 I’d go for a drive.

What about you?!

CN Says;

Funny you should ask. My friend has a brand new convertible *top missing…yep yep, that ish look like a toupee* and I’m seriously contemplating riding shot gun to the STL event this weekend . BUT, I’m not gon’ lie… I’m not quite sure I’d want my fresh Twist-n-Curl exposed to the brutal heat, wind and humidity, especially prior to an event that I’m hosting. I’m already a bit self-conscious at the meetups… hoping I can live up to y’all’s expectations of me, and I’m sure this would only add to that anxiety.

I’m truly torn though, because one of the reasons I stopped straightening was to improve my overall quality of life… to not have to worry about the rain and such. But sadly, all I can think about is my hair whipping around in that wind and split ends cropping up as fast as ‘Mo Money Taxes’ across the city of St. Louis. Mo Money Taxes… really? Yeah, I’d totally trust them to help me file my return. Sounds awfully legit.