by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

How long have you been natural and how long have you been a HEALTHY natural are two different questions. After the length goals post I noticed many naturals commented that they didn’t see growth or good growth (hair with less splits and damage) until they started really learning how to manage their hair and keep it healthy.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’ve been natural since 2003 but a healthy natural since 2008 when I finally stepped away from the heat torture tools that I used to fry my hair and all the products that did nothing for my kinky curls.

Though my natural journey started eight years ago, I really consider my TRUE starting point in 2008 when I started growing and really caring for my natural hair from right at grazing my shoulders.

I’ve been a healthy haired natural for three years but i’ve been natural for eight years.

What about you? How long have you been natural? How long have you been a HEALTHY haired natural? Is there a difference for you and your hair?