Length Goals: Is Your Hair as Long Today as You Thought it Would Be?

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

When going natural, many of us, including myself, set out with not only healthy natural hair in mind, but length goals. As much as we informed ourselves on how to keep our hair healthy, may of us equally made length checking tee shirts and counted and watched every centimeter and inch like a hawk.

I’ve been natural since 2003 but a healthy natural since 2008. I started with neck length hair once I decided to let go of my busted ends and really start to care for my hair. After setting out a plan to grow my hair and baby my strands, I could just imagine what my hair was going to look like in a year. I remember running to the bathroom after wearing my hair in braids for a while to stretch my hair down my collarbone to see how long it had grown in the past three months. It used to be fun for me to see my progress. I’d braid it back up and repeat the mirror stare every three months.

My hair is currently bra strap length. Had I not cut off 3 inches of busted ends in 2008 and had 3 inch hair cuts every year from 2009 up until this year, my hair would be a little longer than it is now. My hair was right above bra strap last year around this time but I also had a hair cut with a little layers put in and bangs cut in – which was about a 4 inch loss in the front of my head.

My hair is now where it was last year so no more hair cuts for me – less about an inch of healthy trimming that I’m going to have done this month to get any split ends cut off. I want my hair to be 6 inches longer this time next year so I also plan to only wear my hair out during the weekend and wear protective styles during the week.

I can say that yes, my natural hair is healthy, but not as long as I thought it would be by now. Guess it’s time I got back onto growing out my hair.

What about you? Is your hair as long as you thought it would be today? Are you meeting your growth goals?