I hope that reps for Nivea are prepared for wig snatching because that’s precisely what’s on the mind of some after seeing the above ad on Twitter. Just in case your vision is a little cloudy, the ad showcases a black man, decently dressed but holding a face with an afro with the caption Recivilize yourself with Look like you give a damn just above it. This, according to some, suggests that Nivea is saying that if you’re rocking an afro/natural, you’re just not civilized.

Do you think that Nivea is being culturally insensitive? Is there a real need for anger on this? My personal opinion is yes, the ad IS offensive. However, the thing that irks me about it all is that even with all the anger and outrage, there will STILL be several people who will continue supporting the brand.

What do you guys think? Check out a closer version below (via Twitter).