I Lost My Lady to a Revolution … of Sorts

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Hi … my name is Weusi … and I lost my lady to a revolution … of sorts.

I’m a 70′s baby. My parents and their friends were not freedom fighters … they were revolutionaries. They fought in various ways for the civil rights, well-being and equality of the people. They were the ones that you won’t hear about in any history books because they believe that the revolution will not [and should not] be televised. RIP GIL SCOTT HERON.

These people have incredible stories but, unless you are within their inner circle, you will never hear about them. You can ask Shelli, if you hear their history, the joys, fears, pains, smiles, tears and moments of love and hate that they experienced, you’re sure to learn a few things.

One of the many things I learned was that there will be times when the needs and wants of a mass of people will outweigh the wants of individuals. They instilled in me that there would be times when building and maintaining the health and well-being of a community might be of more important than my personal wants. I say all this because, you are part of the reason that I lost my lady!

It’s your fault that I lost my lady … it’s your revolution … of sorts. Yes, you are part of a revolution! The organizing, development and education of a community of healthy-haired people who are rooted in the ideas that recognize that beauty is more than skin deep is revolutionary in this day and time. I’m not mad at that! Really … I understand.

She was passionate about hair before I met her. And it’s beautiful to see the community of open-minded, confident, intelligent, trailblazing hair aficionados that has developed and I hope to assist in its prospering.

Another reason I’m not gonna get upset is that I’m wise enough to write these blogs so that I can be included in her passion! (S.O.’s [Significant Others] take note … if it’s there or leaving or “maturing” [never say greying!] … YOU CAN’T BEAT THE HAIR!)

I learn more about this passion of hers too. As you can see … I’m a wash and go kinda dude … I take terrible care of my coif! But … I’m learning to take better care of it … but NO … I won’t be sharing hair care tips … sorry!

But if she lets me … I’ll write more blogs. So, let me know what you wanna hear about, ok? Please give me some ideas … because … the more blogs that I write, the less time that she has to spend writing. And the less time she spends writing …the better chance that I have to set up an evening with dinner and a movie … with our phones turned off. Ok, for real … dinner and a cartoon!

And don’t worry … after the date’s done … I won’t touch her hair.


CN Says;

My intern had the brilliant idea that we should solicit for stories/blogs written by the men in our lives (fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, besty), to get their perspective and an idea of how your transition or big chop effected him.

Shall we proceed?!

So go now, get his side of the story, email it to me — [email protected]– and be entered in the monthly drawing to win a $50 CurlMart Giftcard! Let’s get him on the couch!