Hola Chicas,

Just wanted to say… I’m GOOOOD… ‘on one’ if you will. Finger tips orange… no seeds no stems… relaxed… inspired even! And although I’ve developed a minor dependency, this particular vice shouldn’t land me in jail or rehab.

I’m coming to you couch-side with a head full of the green stuff. I’m back on the wagon… for reals this time, and I’m EXCITED!

Look, somebody even told Chris and Bieber about my henna! Now here dey go–

(thanks Darren!)

Although I had plans to henna once a month since January, the Gia factor intervened and this is only my second or third treatment this year. The shame!

I’ve definitely noticed the changes, but really hadn’t had a chance to think about it until discussions with a few LA curlies last weekend. My hair is so 2007– it’s more vulnerable to tangling, splits, fairy knots and breakage, it’s light weight and flyaway, refuses to hold a set for more than a day or so (gotta love fine hair), shrinks at any hint of humidity, and is generally unruly. Oh, and the worse part… I doubt I could block views at the movie theater anymore.

from a photoshoot in LA… love the definition, but it’s suppose to be twice as big!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling lately, and that, plus Gia’s shenanigans doesn’t leave much time for hair care. I’ll be staying put for the next month (then heading to NYC… hey NYC!) or so, and I WILL get in 4 henna treatments. It will happen. I’m going to transform my hair before your eyes… stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚ Thinking I’ll resume a bi-weekly hair routine for the time being, using CurlFormers to stretch my hair for chunky twists in between henna/conditioning treatments. I’m so sincere this time… re-upping my henna stock STAT!

While I’m here…

I should tell you that now that I’m in PA and settled (ugh), I’m back on my healthy diet and fitness regimen… well, kinda. I’m eating better but still haven’t figured out my exercise routine just yet. Here’s an idea of what I eat on a good day (when I’m on the wagon)-

Breakfast- Oatmeal (with a little maple syrup) with blueberries and Fage Yogurt OR Ham (or bacon, lol), Egg and Cheese on a Whole Wheat muffin and fruit

Snack- hummus and toasted pita

Lunch– turkey sandwich on wheat with avocado, tomato and lettuce with baked chips OR something of the frozen variety

Snack– fruit, more yogurt w/granola OR pretzels… whatever is on hand

Dinner– A salad (with spinach, arugula, feta, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinegarette), a baked potato (with all the fixings, lol), and a lean meat (baked salmon, tilapia, or boneless/skinless chicken thigh… I hate white meat!)


a homemade fajita with either lean beef, chicken or shrimp. Love these! I buy a frozen pepper, onion mix or buy fresh… either way, that, plus avocado and fresh salsa… YUM!

So that’s a good day, and though some would argue that not even that is ‘on the wagon’, it is for me! It’s the lesser of two evils, given my craving for fried stuff with cheese and cakes, cookies and pies.

I’ve also re-incorporated a daily dose of Green Vibrance, every morning, in about 4 ounces of cranberry juice. Look it up… this stuff is AHHHMAZING and is the only supplement I’m taking. It has everything in it and gives me energy. No placebo, I swear! I’m also doing my best to get in 50oz water (which is just about half my body weight in ounces).

Finally, I’ve resumed my 3 mile walks but know that I need something more. Any suggestions?!

Operation GET BIG (HAIR), STAY SMALL is in full effect.

Later Gators,