Dana (not pictured) writes:

I have recently decided that the longer my hair grows the less flattering it looks when down and out because my hair is so fine; frustration sets in and I end up bunning it by day 2 for sure. Can anyone relate to this? Well, I asked my stylist to cut off several inches (from bra strap to shoulder length) and now my twist-outs and wash-n-gos are fuller and accentuate my face better. I really hated to sacrifice my length after growing it out for three years but my hair definitely looks better!

Would you sacrifice your hard earned, healthy length for a better, more flattering shape and style?

CN Says;

This is why I keep my curls between chin and shoulder length shrunken. It’s also why I Twist-n-Curl… it gives the illusion of one, shorter, more flattering length with tons of volume.

Although, lately, I’ve been thinking of growing it back out… hmmm….