by Leandra of What My World’s Like

In a country where at least 67% of the population is overweight or obese, body dissatisfaction is extremely common and indeed fuels the $50 billion weight-loss industry. Additionally, since eating disorders and body dissatisfaction are no longer only associated with women, it’s not often we hear, or maybe even say, the phrase “I love my body.”

However, that’s exactly what I said as I looked in the mirror today before exercising. The best part about it is that I’m not even where I’d like to be ideally, since I’ve been pretty lazy about working out for a whopping five months — pretty extreme considering the frequency I exercised the entire year prior to this lazy phase.

Having had pathological eating patterns and concerns for half my life, hearing this was and being able to honestly say it was no small delight. My figure alone wasn’t what prompted the statement; I really love the human body — it’s one of the most intelligent and fascinating things on the planet. When we take care of it, it takes care of us. My body responds so well to deliberate care that I can’t help but to appreciate it. Knowing this makes me hyperaware of the fact that when I don’t treat it well, my health and figure start to decline.

Take some time to appreciate this amazing vehicle we’ve been gifted and honor it by giving it the care it deserves.