by Shelli of Hairscapades

A variety of factors can contribute to frizzy, dry hair. However, no matter the contributing reason(s), the appearance of “frizz” is caused by one thing. The cuticle layer of the hair strand is raised, rather than laying flat and closed like shingles on a good roof. A closed cuticle makes the hair look smooth and shiny. A raised cuticle makes it look frizzy and dry. There are a variety of things that one can do to help close these “shingles” on the hair strands. But, one of the easiest is as simple as the cool/cold water in your sink or shower.

Shampoos and warm water both raise the cuticle layer to aid in cleaning the hair of dirt and product build-up, which can get “jammed” between and under the cuticle layer. If you don’t do something to close the cuticle after you shampoo or use warm water, the result will be frizzy hair. Many conditioners are formulated to be pH balanced in order to aid in closing the “shingles.” However, if you rinse them with hot or warm water, you’re not allowing them to do their job. So, when completing your wash regimen with the rinse of your daily conditioner or DC, use water as cold as you can tolerate (start with lukewarm to slightly cool if you’re scared) to shut down the cuticle layer. Not only will this reduce frizz and enhance shine, it will also do the following:

  • Reduce tangles and mechanical damage, because a raised cuticle layer causes friction between hair strands;
  • Protect the cortex of the hair (which aids in length retention);
  • Seal in moisture from the water and conditioner;
  • Give curls “spring” as sealing moisture into the cortex aids in elasticity;
  • Help “set” your curls.

*And here’s another tip: Try storing your leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizing spritz in the refrigerator as applying cold product to hair will also help close the cuticle.

Do you rinse with cold water? If so, have you noticed enhanced shine , smoothness and “spring?”