SteppinOut (not pictured) writes;

Recently here I’ve been getting “Weave Checked” quite frequently by strangers out here in these streets 🙂 What this means is that people are questioning the authenticity/realness of my hair. I’ve had some people try to reach out and touch (GASP!) my hair and search my scalp for tracks! Some of my other naturally glamorous amigas have also reported folks REFUSING to believe that all of their hair/locs is growing directly from their scalp! Really? Insert here the irony that I don’t consider my hair to be particularly long or extraordinary. Apparently I have a fan following that does, I get stopped several times a week with compliments, comments and the question: “Is all that your hair?”

I guess my questions are:

Has your natural hair ever been “weave checked”?

Does the public at large still have a hard time believing that Black hair can grow long?

Has the availability of “afro-textured” hair pieces and extensions caused some confusion?