Actress Sanaa Lathan is On the Couch! Best known for her roles in ‘Love & Basketball’ and ‘Something New’, this talented, natural beauty dishes on why she likes to keep it fresh and shares a few of her favorite products. I’ve always been a huge fan of one of her staple styles- the chic, high bun. As an aside, did you know that she’s the voice of Donna Tubbs on ‘The Cleveland Show’?! I had no idea… watch it all the time.

Are you natural? Tell us about your hair!

I am natural but find that I change it up often. Like right now, today, I have on a weave. For one, it’s really humid here in Louisiana, but also, it’s for the character I’m portraying. When I was doing the play in NY, I wore wigs every night on stage to protect my natural hair. So pretty much, my hair has been in weaves or wigs for half the year, and I will probably keep this weave in for another month. It all just really depends on the job or if I’m in between jobs- – when I can, I like to have my natural hair out because I like to feel my scalp. It’s just much better that way.

I can say that wearing it out is definitely a lot more work. Like last summer, I wore it out and wild. I’d wet it, cornrow it, and take them down… it was nice because I wasn’t constantly pressing it, which also made it easier to keep up with my workouts. I guess, no matter your situation, we all know the trials and tribulations of black hair [Laughter]

How do you feel about your hair today?

I’m loving it. Like I said before, what I love about being an actress is that you can really get away with changing your look from month to month. I mean right now I have a long curly weave and next month it might be short. It’s fun for your hair to become like the clothes that you wear. You can change it just as often as you change your style.

What are your must-have products?

I love Kim Kimble’s hair line and like the Moroccan Oil Shampoo, the Gold Shimmer Shine,

and the Oil.