wish this pic had smellovision

Hola Chicas!

Still trying to feel my way around this new town. But I’m happy to report some Happy Valley firsts:

(1) Went into my basement all by myself. I blow fuses on the daily and couldn’t put the laundry off any longer. It may seem like small potatoes, but I’m quite proud of myself. That basement is dark, dank, cobwebby and reminds me of the Dexter set. My solo dolo basement trips are very reminiscent of Spongebob ‘taking out the trash at night’. I take a deep breath, find the nerve and run like hell.

(2) Drove downtown and parked. I’m a terrible parallel parker… like turn the music down, cut the air up cause my armpits are moist, bad. I get performance anxiety when folks are standing out on the sidewalk watching. I hate it. But I found a nice spot to slide into and finally got to try that smoothie place.

(3) I went to the “mall”. Nuff said.

(4) Lost the dog. Twice. The “fenced in yard”, the main reason we rented this damn house, isn’t fenced in at all. It has two gaping holes where the dog can friggin’ escape and scare the neighbors. Don’t be alarmed… we’re Negroes and yes we own a bulldog… looks like a Pit. Typical, I know. Anyway, we were sitting in the house, watching Two Can Play That Game and saw the cops roll up outside. Let me just say that I get nervous every single time I see a cop, don’t know why, but it makes me second guess myself like, ‘am I doing something illegal?’ Anyway, lo and behold, they knock on our door and ask if our dog is out. Yep. She was, chasing children down the block. Wouldn’t hurt a fly… not violent, but looks it. The cop appeared to be just as annoyed at the neighbors as us. All she wanted to do was play. We keep her in the house now…

I’ll check back in soon. This is our first day of sunshine in like a month… well, in like 8 days, so I suppose I should get out and enjoy it!