Teresa writes:

Hey Nikki and Curly girls!

A few weeks ago my sister (a fierce and beautiful natural) and I were discussing how we are often approached by women of many races regarding our hair. Although we were approached just as often as relaxed heads, it seems like now the products we discuss are no longer marketed toward just black hair and so the women sparking these conversations are often in awe and more willing to try our natural product suggestions.

During our conversation she also pulled up the following YouTube video:

It’s not the original but a repost by another user… Black people, please stop hiding the butters! We had quite a laugh, but then also recognized that many were leaving negative comments regarding her rant. My question to the CN community is “should we feel flattered or angry that some people really do think we hold ancient beauty secrets reserved only for black people… and is it even appropriate to intervene when we see a biracial child (or any child for that matter) that clearly needs help caring for their skin or hair?