Hola Chicas,

Earlier this week, a casting agent (who had been all over the site and had clearly done her research) reached out to me in hopes that I could lead her to someone having psychological and practical difficulties with their hair… someone in the throws of a rocky transition or early in their journey. Or a curly dealing with disapproving family members, hair loss, or things of that nature. You get the gist. Although the casting call is wide open, it’d be nice to have #teamnatural represented!

Interested? Check out the casting call and submit your story and tell them CurlyNikki sent ya!

Casting call for MTV’s True Life documentary episode currently titled “I Hate My Hair”:

Is your hair your obsession? Do you have unwanted hair, or not the “right” hair? Are you someone with a hormone imbalance that leads to hair loss, or facial hair growth? Culturally are you told your hair should be one way, but you want it another? Or perhaps you suffer from a condition known as “smelly hair syndrome?” How does it affect your social life? Does your hair make you feel unattractive and affect how you interact with members of the opposite sex? Are you undergoing a procedure to alter your hair or do you go to great lengths to manage it? Are you digging yourself into a financial hole just to manage your hair?

If you appear to be between the ages of 15 -28 and have hair that’s making you unhappy, email us at [email protected] and tell us about your story. Please include your name, location, phone number and recent photos of yourself.

For more info on the True Life series, you can take a look at the website, but the synopsis is below:
Since its first episode in 1998, True Life has provided a window into the struggles, hopes, and dreams of young people. Narrated solely by its characters, each episode documents the unusual–and often remarkable–circumstances of real individuals, whether it’s about soldiers returning from Iraq, deaf teenagers, or people living with autism. We’ve given all of them–and hundreds of others–the opportunity to tell their own stories directly to their peers in this powerful, Emmy award winning series that uniquely reflects the experiences and cultures of this generation.