by Kenny of

I hear from many prominent black people, about the glory of black hair.

“I would say that hair is a woman’s glory and that you share that glory with your family.” -Maya Angelou

But African American society seems largely to only promote the hair of black women, black men’s hair largely is expected to take a backseat. And if a black man does show an interest in his appearance and puts time and effort into his hair, then he is usually viewed as homosexual or DL.

The root of the natural hair movement is about returning to our roots (no pun intended), to celebrate that which defines us as a culture. It’s also a celebration and embracing of our African ancestry. But some things got lost in translation.

As a male of African descent in the West, if I care about my appearance in particular my hair I am shunned by my female peers. But, In most parts of northern Africa, male beauty be it athleticism or vanity is openly flaunted in elaborate ceremonies, featuring lavish costumes and wild hairstyles and hair adornments.

However when it comes to the West someone like Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga can wear endless amounts of colorful wigs, and get applauded by crowds of adoring fans. But when a man wears a toupee or a hair piece he is met with jeers and laughs?! How many times have people laughed at Donald Trumps toupee?

I suppose double standards go both ways. Men will hold women to a certain status quo, and women will do the same for men.

But some people will inevitably go against what society tells them they should be like. And society will try to hammer these “nails” that stick out down. But as Sam Cooke said “a change is gonna come!”

What say you?