Phoenyx Austin, M.D.

Ok ladies, the headline of my post was kinda meant to grab your attention. We’re not really talking about boobs today on CurlyNikki- at least not directly. LOL.

So why did I mention boobs? Well let me give you the boob-backstory:

This weekend, while taking time out to celebrating my birthday (yay!) and pondering life questions like – “Man, why couldn’t I have known what I know now at 20?” – I also had the pleasure of winding up in a highly controversial conversation about hair- more specifically whether it’s “rude to ask a woman if her hair is real.”

I’ve been asked this question a bit- especially after going natural. And a young lady (also natural), who brought up the topic, said that asking someone if their hair is “real” is the equivalent of “walking up to a random stranger and asking if her boobs were real.” Furthermore, she believed the question is sometimes asked not out of genuine curiosity- but rather to embarrass a woman.

So while I would definitely see why the “are your boobs real” question is worthy of a not so gracious response- especially if the question was asked maliciously- I wonder if many others think the “is that your hair” question is always worthy of a “are you serious right now?” type reaction.

And not everyone thinks the question is rude or worthy of an embarrassed reaction. For instance, a girlfriend of mine said women who do wear weave/wigs/extensions should proudly respond to this type of question with: “yeah, it’s mine- I got the receipt for it!”

So do you think it’s rude or tacky to ask a woman if her hair is really hers?

Would you be offended if someone asked you if your hair was yours? Have you ever been asked this question? How did you respond?

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