vagabond chic?

Hola Chicas,

Okay, so this is long over due, but y’all know how much I hate giving premature reviews of products. I take this ish seriously!

If you remember, on September 3rd (has it really been almost 2 weeks?), I tried Mehandi’s Rajasthani Twilight in hopes that it was in the running to replace the Jamila. My beloved brand has become increasingly more difficult to find and Catherine of Mehandi shared that the pesticide levels can run a bit high. That, plus (and probably most important) I’m a friggin’ PJ and always on the lookout for the next best thing.

We started off on the good foot… it was very creamy and easy to apply, but for some reason I had a difficult time rinsing. Like so hard that I called it quits and re-washed, with shampoo, which I NEVER do, the next morning. Granted, I was PMS’ing, Gia was acting a donkey, and my hot water runs cold after 15 minutes, but still, me no likey. Side note, there’s nothing worse than standing in the shower, all lathered up, conditioner in hair, razor in hand and the water temperature plummets. On the flip side, I suppose I always end with the prescribed ‘cold water rinse‘.

Anyway, after the initial rinse, a deep treatment, and a second rinse, I got out of the shower, blotted the excess moisture and applied my leave-in and oil. My hair felt slightly gritty and although I could see some bits of stuff at my roots, I was going to try to work with it. But everytime I grabbed a section to put in a Curlformer, I’d pull away with what felt (and looked) like sand on my hands. I think I had around 10 rollers in when I said fugget it, pulled them out, bunned it, and called it one. The next day I got up, rinsed again, detangled the matted bun and put in the Curlformers. And even with all of that, I’m going to give Rajasthani another try. Why? Because this was one trial and I actually had a similar fluky experience with the Jamila a while back. Plus, the stain was off the chain (haha) and after the second rinse, my hair felt and looked amazing.

So yeah, there you go. Sorry for the vagueness or inconclusive results. I’ll definitely report back later this month or the next with a ‘more informed’ review of this new henna.

For the past 10 days my stretched hair was in two (half ass) flat twists pinned up. Very frumpy, exacerbated by the fact that I can’t actually flat twist, but it worked. I’d take the twists down, re-moisturize, seal and pin them back up. I’ve been feeling some kinda way lately but now that the sun has come back to visit, I’m smiling again 🙂

This morning, before heading out, I put my hair in the usual 10 or 11 twists and threw on the hat.

oh and pssst…. I gotta secret…

NYC. October 20th. Yep yeppers.