Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

When I was relaxed I could put a hurting on a checkbook (I just had to say checkbook. It sounds so vintage and old school just like relaxer does). After dropping Benjamins in the salon, I’d then have to hightail it over to my local sally beauty to go and stock up on my spritz, gels, oil sheens and whatever other product I thought I needed that my hair dresser had used on my hair or whatever was the hottest thing in the latest issue of black hair magazine.

Now that I’m natural, the idea of paying someone hundreds of dollars to burn my scalp off and help me barely grow my hair is ludicrous. Today, to match the money that I was spending in my salon, I’d need to be a big fan of hair products that start at about $40 a jar without shipping. Uh, no thanks.

When I first went natural, I was an uber product junkie. Tyrone biggums didn’t have nothing on me. I tried everything to get my hair to look like “that girl with the great fotki.” Boy, I’d spend hours looking through Fotkis and hair boards and kept a pen and notepad near to jot down the hottest thing. My learning curve was steep because I had to go through various stages of unlearning what I thought were the correct ways of taking care of my hair. I spent tons of money on hair products because I believed every slogan on any jar of hair “pudding” that claimed it would transform my hair. My cabinets runneth over.

At that time, my natural hair was costing me a grip. I know that there are many naturals who swear by costly hair products – products that average $15 and up for a jar or bottle – and the cost of being natural equals to or more than being relaxed; especially when you add on luxuries like steamers and hair vitamins, to the never ending search for finding the perfect conditioner, and finishing it off with hair accessoires, scarves, and trips to whole paycheck foods. And if you are a vegan or all organic natural, hair care can also get costly.

I went natural to cut down on the costs of being relaxed. Costs including not having to endure the 2nd degree scalp burns to keeping more money in my pocket. Right now I’m right where I want to be but for many of us, the wallet damage has been done and is being done as we hunt for the next pudding, juices and berries spritz and hair wash. That can add up!

What say you? Is your natural hair care and styling costing more than the amount it cost you to be relaxed? Did you anticipate that being natural would be cheaper by “default”?