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Curly Nikki

Natural Hair- Fall Must Haves

By January 27th, 202110 Comments
by Jamila of CollegeCurlies

Hey y’all! Fall is upon us, and I wanted to share with you four of my must-have items for the changing of the seasons:

1. Satin Bonnet: Not only is this a totally necessary item for protecting your hair while sleeping, it does wonders during the day…under a cute hat. I noticed the bonnet peeking out of the hat after I took this photo, but check it out:

Natural Hair- Fall Must Haves
the time during the colder months. That leads me to our next must-have item for fall….

2. Hair Accessories: It’s super easy to spice up fall outfits with some fun accessories. I love these two from Forever 21, they’re all kinds of cheap and not hard to find.

Floral Bow Clips– $1.50
Natural Hair- Fall Must HavesPlaited Knit Beanie– $5.50
Natural Hair- Fall Must Haves

I don’t mind wearing low-maitenance styles like buns or puffs when I know that I don’t necessarily have to sacrifice the fun and funky look of my hair.

3. Oil: Oil is a great sealant, and can also be used for scalp massages, deep conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments, and for everyday hair pampering. My favorite is coconut oil, it acts as both a penetrating moisturizer and a sealant. It’s great for any weather, but as it gets colder, it’s going to be important to give your hair some daily lovin’. I like to spritz my hair at night before bed, apply a light coat of coconut or EVOO, and then twist my hair in chunky twists. When I follow this routine regularly, my hair stays moisturized and easier to manage throughout the week.

4. Shampoo: This is a controversial one, but I’m an advocate. Washing my hair every two weeks with a sudsy shampoo gets all the gunk off of my scalp (it’s gross, but real) that co-washing several times a week does not. I use a lot of heavier products (Shea butter, Shea Moisture) and doing water rinses and conditioner washes doesn’t get it all. Your hair needs a thorough cleansing every so often…just make sure not to overdo it, especially if the product is stripping (it leaves your hair with that “squeaky clean” feeling). You can juice up your shampoo by adding conditioner, as described here.

Natural Hair- Fall Must Haves
Remember: What works for one head of curls might not work for you, so do and use whatever your hair likes!

What are your fall must-haves? Let me know!

CurlyNikki Says:

My must haves?
*Curlformers to prep and stretch for protective styling
*Cute beanies and tams
*Satin bonnet scarf for night time protection and to wear under the beanies
*Oils to nourish and protect
*Heavy duty moisturizers
*A fully stocked henna stash
*A rich deep conditioner
*and I can’t believe I’m typing this… a light protein leave-in


  • Mica says:

    So sad I live in Miami no winter here

  • indianist says:

    Pls give solution, How to ger rid dandruff and hair fall?…….

  • Anonymous says:

    Fall must haves

    Jamila henna
    avacado oil
    Silk scrunchies
    Jessicurl too shea conditioner

    Vinne x

  • Anonymous says:

    Fall Must haves:
    Qhemet biologics heavy cream & twisting creme
    cocounut oil
    Redken deep conditioner
    Jane Leave in conditioner/ hello hydration
    Satin lined caps/ night bonnet
    Silk/ Satin scarves


  • Anonymous says:

    My fall/winter must haves include;

    Kerastase oleo curl DC
    A locsoc
    Mana'ia oil, Macadamia nut oil and Argan oil
    Wen Pomegranate Shampoo
    Silk (real) scrunchies
    Silk lined hat

  • hairscapades says:

    Satin-lined hats (so I don't have to worry about my bonnet not fitting properly under my hat! And, I recently discovered that I am kind of feeling EVOO to seal! I typically use JBCO … but the EVOO leaves my ends feeling lovely too! Other than that, nothing is really changing in my regimen. All my products remain the same and I'll continue to wear quick and easy, low manipulation protective styles 5-6 days a week. However, I am seriously thinking of getting Nubian twists in November. I haven't had braids/twists in ages. I just think they look so cute on others and would make doing my hair even easier on a daily basis (doesn't take me much time to do now, but it'll be even easier with it all twisted up). I think they'll be great for late Fall/Winter and they look great with Winter hats and beanies;)!!


  • Anonymous says:

    I'll be pulling out my humidifier! I tried this last fall and winter and not only was it good for my hair my skin and nasal passages were well pleased by the use of it also!
    A few other things I'll be pulling back out, Shea Butter… Oyin's Juices & Berries… Oh,beanies & tams too

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    My must-haves are a satin bonnet, cute beret, and avocado oil (it's heavier than coconut and I like a heavier oil during the cooler months).

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I like the Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, but I hear the entire line is swell 🙂 Alot of people like the heavy cream.

    I'm interested in trying MYHoneyChild's type 3c and 4a butters. VERY curious to see how those will work. I think I tried the 4a one a while back and didn't like it, but you never know! I hear that they are super rich.

    As far as deep conditioners, I love Curl Junkie Moisture Rehab and Jessicurl Too Shea and Weekly Deep Treatment. Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose is also great.

  • Anonymous says:

    CN: I'm trying to find the right products that will benefit my hair for the colder months. What kind of heavy duty moisturizer and deep conditoner do you use?

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