By Dr. Phoenyx Austin

When I contemplated going natural, besides online resources, it was also the handful of natural-haired women at my school that served as a great source of information. And though we didn’t have an official natural haired “organization” or “sorority” on campus, I’m so glad I was able to meet and socialize with many of those women. They were invaluable and a great source of inspiration.

So when I first heard about negativity directed towards Pi Nappa Kappa, the first a self-proclaimed natural hair sorority, I initially thought: “What’s the problem?”

But then I chatted up with a few black Greeks, as well as non-Greeks, and a good majority were definitely not enthused. I had a few specifically state that they felt the sorority was a “mockery” of other Greek organizations. Some expressed irritation at how “silly” and “cult-like” some natural-haired women were becoming. And interestingly enough, other folks even felt the sorority was just an attempt to exploit and make money under the guise of “sisterhood.”

In my neck of the woods at Howard University there is a natural-haired organization called “TANGLES.” And though there are many natural haired social groups in the DMV area, as far as I know, TANGLES is the only organization dedicated to educating and inspiring other natural haired women at Howard U. I think TANGLES is a great organization with a great mission and I was stoked when they invited me to give a talk at the end of this month. I respect what TANGLES is doing and I would’ve loved to have a similar organization while I was in college.

So from my perspective, if Pi Nappa Kappa’s real mission is to educate, support and inspire, then I say more power to them. But I’ll also say this: I would definitely advise anyone to throw the side-eye if they start asking members to pay expensive membership fees, drink suspicious Kool-Aid or wear matching Nikes.

So what do you think of a natural-haired sorority? Would you join?

Are you a member of a sorority?

Do you think Pi Nappa Kappa is a mockery or silly?

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