By Sherida of Coconutandcream

Ghana is pure awesomeness. I just came back from The Motherland so experiences are still fresh as ever.

Before I went, there was a story going around the natural hair community of guards patting hair down at airports. I didn’t think of it as anything major and besides, all the stories I’d heard were from across the pond (USA), so behold my encounter!

Going to Ghana I had yarn twists in as my protective style for the month. Coming back however was a different story, I’d taken the twists down and was rocking a puff-thingy, I say puff thingy because it was supposed to be a braid-out. But everyone knows humidity equals frizz (at least in my case). My hair was matted and in dire need of a wash and detangling session, in other words, it was a boiling mess. As I approached the screening, there was a particular security guard lady with neat microscopic cornrows that had been eyeing my hair for the whole time I was in the cue. Whether she had good thoughts or bad thoughts I’m not really sure. Once I’d gone through the screening and proceeded to leave the scene, this security guard lady pulled me aside and insisted she pat me down for “security measures”. I obliged. Afterwards she looked at my hair and then back at me, I couldn’t help but break a smile because I knew exactly what she’d been thinking the whole time.

“Can I…?” she asked.

“Yeah go ahead” I replied knowing full well what she was about to do.

She stuck her fingers at my crown and moved it about my scalp, destroying the little curls that were left due to the humidity. For what seemed like forever she finally seemed satisfied and smiled. We both broke into laughter, I picked my things up and left still smiling at the whole thing. But I do wonder if I would have reacted the same way if I’d taken ages to do my hair and she messed it up. In this case I wasn’t looking too good so I guess I didn’t care. Maybe I should have been offended but I wasn’t, there was a certain warmth (no it wasn’t the weather) about the whole situation – We didn’t say anything to each other and we didn’t have to, I think my hair did all the talking 🙂

However I did walk away thinking ‘Have I just been weaved checked or was that an actually security measure?’

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