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Curly Nikki

Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!

By January 27th, 20214 Comments

Hola chicas!

It’s that time again! The images below are of CN readers at their flyyest…at work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it’s a way of life…an extension of our beauty! Click on the images to enlarge them:

This is me sporting a wash n’ go for first time since I’ve been completely natural.Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


Today, I am rocking my twist out. This is one week after my big chop anniversary! I twisted my hair up that night and the next morning I applied some shea moisture thickening growth milk and shea butter. I am absolutely loving my hair!!!Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


2 months post transitioning BC and I’ve finally learned how to stretch my fro. I’m so loving my super springy coils and kinks. Now to get my moisture retention and proctective styles on lock!Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!

…showing off her Kinks at the Respect The Kinks Meetup.Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!

This style was inspired by tjt88’s fab natural ‘do. Needed to try something new and to keep my hair off my neck, because of the hot weather. I used aloe vera juice mixed with coconut oil, and jojoba oil for detangling moisture… and sheabutter to lock in the moister…Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


Heading out to work, a little tired but gotta make that money 😛Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!

YoKeyna and MaKeda S.

This is a pic of my cousin and I at our family reunion in Clarksdale, MS. We didn’t know that each other were Naturalistas. MaKeda (left) has her hair braided on the sides leading to the back w/ her fro-puff out in the center. I (right) just used a stocking to pull my hair into a high puff.Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


I was at work. I twisted the sides like a mohawk going towards the center and pinned the remaining hair into a bun in the back. Braid out in the front.

I used Shea Moisture Products.

Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


If I can’t think of anything else to do to my hair or just want to keep it protected, I rely on my fall-back hair style. It’s a great way to be simultaneously lazy and polished.Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


My niece Sweet P and I chilling at my mom’s house. Her hair is in conrows to one side with a bang. My hair has cornrows with two strand twists using my favorite Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Grapeseed Oil. Love this style when I make it a fly twist-out!!!!Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!


At families house on the Fourth of July. I twisted wet with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and sealed with EVOO. I loved it! And I love the site! Thanks for all the tips Nikki!Show and Tell- Fierce Friday!

**If you don’t see yourself today, rest assured that you’ll be up in the coming weeks! I post in the order I receive them!**

**To submit**:

Send in your favorite picture with a caption detailing where you were (or where you were headed to), along with a brief description of your hairstyle, to I’ll post several each Friday. Be sure to use ‘Fierce Friday’ as the subject line!

We always need more!


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