Tips from Professional Wash and Goers

Tips from Professional Wash and Goers
CurlyTee (not pictured) via the forums, writes:

For veteran naturals (1+ years), how often do you do wash and go? How do you control your single strand knots? Any benefits to share?

CN Says:

I was a faithful W&Go’er for a couple of years. Like, daily. My hair grew super fast but my ends were breaking and splitting just as fast. I never mastered ‘keeping the moisture in’ wearing my hair down and out every day. It was cute as hell though. Confounding factors were daily use of the diffuser to dry, highlights, and heavy reliance on gels.

Hanging out on the fourms is what led me to try the W&Go routine. Many naturals experience exceptional growth and retention with this routine. I literally ‘ewatched’ a girl (natural remedy, pictured above) go from chin length to bra strap length hair in what seemed like a year. It was amazing. She co-washed daily or every other day with a cheapie conditioner, left much of it in and allowed it to air dry throughout the day. Simplicity at its best. She’s one of my original hair crushes.

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All you professional wash and goers, help her out!