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The other day I was chopping it up with a friend about shampoos. To be specific – moisturizing shampoos, the big foot in hair cleansing. As I always do, because it’s true, I lamented about how much I hate washing my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I want and like clean hair, but having to wash my hair is a chore because my tinky (tiny + kinky) coils easily catch on each other and shampoo just adds to that madness. I must always wash my hair in sections but no matter the poo I use – SLS free or even one with a recent “non-drying” voodoo spell on it, it never fails, during the washing process my hair feels way too dry so i have to hurry to get to the conditioning part. *sigh*

I’m starting to think that truly moisturizing shampoos are an urban legend. Something like big foot or the Lochness monster – some claim to have used them but many others are skeptics. And if it does exist, why are there not tons of naturals screaming from the roof tops about these shampoos that make it able to skip conditioner? And speaking of skipping conditioner, your folks over at lush claims that is what you can do with their Curly Wurly Shampoo.

Preservative free, this shampoo actually comes with an expiration date much sooner than traditional shampoos because it’s packed full of nutritious creamed coconut and coconut oil, moisturizing vanilla, softening eggs and avocado. I have to give it to them, the description sounds impressive – but so does a no good man on paper. Even still, I so want to be hyped up just from hearing what’s inside, you know, jumping up and down, whipping out the credit card and buying this “Curly Wurly” but I’ve been disappointed so many times before that I just know deep down in my shampoo weary heart that it’s probably just too good to be true.

Okay, so many naturals swear by the old cream of nature formula that you can only get now on amazon or ebay because the last of the bottles are being sold, and many have even said that aubrey organics shampoo is moisturizing. I must have had ten off wash days because each time I used honey suckle rose shampoo, I could hear train tracks coming to a screeching halt. So where are all of these so-called moisturizing shampoos that naturals are using with success? Why am I missing out on all the goodness? I’m no fool, just because the bottle says moisturizing does not make it so, I need to hear the proof and see the pudding.

Maybe my hair is just what it is – it loves conditioner and hates shampoo. And maybe, just maybe I’m wasting my time searching for something that’s going to leave these kinks non-stripped before my conditioner application and make my wash sessions much more of a breeze, but I have to keep looking. I want to see this big foot in hair – that urban legend bottle of moisturizing shampoo. I want to be able to say it’s true, there is such a thing as moisturizing shampoo. To be convinced that it exists, you know, just like crop circles and perky natural boobs after 45.

What’s your favorite shampoo brand? Have you found that bottle of shampoo that leaves your hair so soft and so clean that you can skip conditioner? or are you still on the search for said mystical, miracle shampoo?

CN Says:
For me, the only poo that comes close is KeraCare’s Cleansing Cream. I always follow up with conditioner, but that’s just for good measure. I can even use this shampoo post henna and not worry about contributing to the haystack feel. It’s good stuff and I highly recommend it. Hubby likes it too.
I also like CURLS’ Curlicious Cleansing Cream