I’m sure by now you’re aware of’s now viral natural hair Youtube videos. I only watched the first minute or so of one, and was also disappointed in the suspect recommendations provided by the stylist.

Having previously spoken to them about working together, I reached out to my contacts at typeF (to ask WTH?! and to recommend Naptural85 to submit vids, lol) and this was the response–

Thank you so much for making us aware of your concerns, and the concerns of your community, around some of the natural hair videos created by JoAnn Robertson on our site and our YouTube channel. typeF is committed to creating quality content. We take this seriously and have since removed these videos from our site and our YouTube channel.

We are currently in the process of reviewing them and would like to ask your assistance in helping us audit them. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?

I’m up for the challenge curlies and elated at their willingness to accept our input. Do you have any recommendations for the development team at typeF?

I’ll keep y’all posted…

over and out,