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Curly Nikki

typeF Responds- ‘We’re Reviewing and Auditing’

By January 27th, 202183 Comments

typeF Responds- 'We're Reviewing and Auditing'


I’m sure by now you’re aware of’s now viral natural hair Youtube videos. I only watched the first minute or so of one, and was also disappointed in the suspect recommendations provided by the stylist.

Having previously spoken to them about working together, I reached out to my contacts at typeF (to ask WTH?! and to recommend Naptural85 to submit vids, lol) and this was the response–

Thank you so much for making us aware of your concerns, and the concerns of your community, around some of the natural hair videos created by JoAnn Robertson on our site and our YouTube channel. typeF is committed to creating quality content. We take this seriously and have since removed these videos from our site and our YouTube channel.

We are currently in the process of reviewing them and would like to ask your assistance in helping us audit them. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?

I’m up for the challenge curlies and elated at their willingness to accept our input. Do you have any recommendations for the development team at typeF?

I’ll keep y’all posted…

over and out,


  • LisaEvans says:

    Well, I came to the discussion late, after the videos had been taken down, after the comments and responses from Type F.

    I've read hundreds of the comments, watched youtube video responses and parodies, read comments from Devon (one of the stylists featured) and seen screenshots.

    However, I kept trying to find the videos because I wanted to share in the laughter that was the initial reaction.

    I found JoAnn's videos (on a foreign website).

    I watched JoAnn's videos.

    I did not laugh, but I think I may have an alternative explanation for JoAnn's videos at the very least.

    Devon has repeatedly stated that the circumstances under which these videos were made was less than ideal and that she chose to try to make the best of it. My husband used to work for a Demand Media company and he believes Devon's comments to be true. In light of that, and after watching maybe half of JoAnn's Type F videos and some of her previous videos unrelated to Type F, here is my opinion:

    I think that JoAnn realized that the scripting and tools provided to her were less than ideal. I think that instead of trying to make the best of it, she decided to try to make the worst of it, maybe in hopes that someone would realize that the concept was not well executed and change how things were being done.

    Honestly, I cannot watch these videos compared to her earlier videos and believe that she was serious about showing off the resulting hairstyles. I feel like she was exaggerating things in an attempt to display how horrible the setup was. I also feel like the videos got progressively worse and that she completely gave up on this project being taken seriously.

    I would LOVE to hear from JoAnn directly. Her earlier videos of makeup and hairstyles showed professionalism and talent. I would like to hear from her about how these videos were pitched to her, and how the pitch differed from the execution (if at all) and what her thoughts were, why she did the videos the way that she did.

    That's my two cents, and my statements are all opinions, not to be taken as facts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe that the Curly community speaking didnt mean to bully the stylists…it's just that the videos were so TERRIBLE that the response had to match the level of disappointment. If ever there is a time when a company should listen to their customer (ie natural curlies) this would be a great opportunity to take in comments, do some reasearch, and try again.

  • Devon says:


  • CityGirl81 says:

    Devon, I saw your videos and commented there, why on earth they didn't continue with you and how your videos were made. It seemed after your videos, Demand Media became LAZY! It's unfortunate that you got caught up in that mess, b/c it's clear to me you actually know what you are doing. I hope that this doesn't effect your professional credibility. Joanne, Enid, Kishanna and Tanya (with that ratchet straw weave on her head) all need to take several seats. I understand wanting promotion and how having your name attached to a Tyra Banks product seems lucrative, but the aforementioned women agreed to make themselves look ridiculous on camera for publicity. They all failed miserably and Tanya had the gall to be on twitter calling folks out their name. No one forced you to do those videos. And the ladies that came after you were AWFUL, if they had any sense of pride, they would have walked away. JoAnne is the absolute worse out of the entire travesty.

    I do not think CN should introduce any bloggers to TypeF. They could have done the groundwork and chose not to.

  • Devon says:

    i totally agree with everything everyone is saying aside, of course, from demanding anyone who participated in shooting the videos be thrown from the natural hair matrix, beheaded, and thrown into a vat of relaxer. Were the videos garbage? yes. even mine? YES. The videos that are on that site are not indicative of my level of expertise, professionalism, or commitment to quality that i strive for in my business and brand. I am an actual licensed hairstylist in the state of Texas ( license #1227500 if you're interested in looking it up) since 2006 and have been a member of the very community who has turned on the typef participants like piranha on guppies. Granted, some of the content, if not all, was silly. Do you really think I don't think that you know how to "put a headband on your afro hair" ?? Would i really and truly try to demonstrate how to put a "classy bun" in your " afro hair" when half of mine is shaved off? C'mon son. As i previously stated, we had no control over content or editing. The weird posing, the slow, pseudo-demonstrative slow speech… not cool. also, nothing i can do about it and nothing i knew would happen until it had happened already. and , uh, nobody got paid. at least i didn't. I did it for promotion and the opportunity to interact and help the community that i am apart of. not crucifixion. That's about the last i'll say in the defense of the folks who participated in the project with no ill intention.

    As for moving forward, I wholeheartedly agree that CN should nix trying to patch up the titanic and just set sail on her own bigger, better ship. Use the YT experts, yes, but don't be afraid to use others who do not have the popularity of the few. The popular ones sometimes don't give perfect advice. Everyone has a point of view and you can learn from all different types of people at different levels.

    *sigh* I never guessed that the natural hair community could be so snarky and mean. Curly bullies. go figure. when i first went natural in 2004 everything i found was about unity and self awareness and help and love. now, its all about turning a dollar and pushing your product and any type of division that can happen ( hair typing, levels of naturals… do you blowdry? your not a real natural. do you press your hair? not real. what??!!). I hope that once the smoke clears that the community starts to re-evaluate what it is becoming; just another example of groupthink. The beautiful, natural, nubian used to be an individual. not needing to be apart of a group or type. now, she has to thrift, be glued to youtube, use certain products, identify with a type or group, and it…is…worrysome.

    *sigh* sorry. i had to get that off my chest. Am i the only one? /end off topic rant

  • Anonymous says:

    Its not the negative route. It's recognising that you have the authority and business mind to be valuable competition instead of what has taken place for years which is
    create, then hand over for the safety of a small check.

    Think bigger, be better and don't be scared to lead the way in business as well as be an OWNER.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is supposed to be a "showing" but it's more of an explanation. This stylist has great hair. TypeF seems to have some type4 natural hair tips after all 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    These Typef vids are a bit misleading. I did not see ANY type 4 naturals, but the vids are…cute (Like the styling of the "afro" that was really just a messy head of curls on relaxed hair). I'm not impressed at all, but I can see the Tyra is trying, but she needs to get back to her roots. I don't know; maybe I'm missing something here. I give the TypeF web site a C for effort and big fat F[AIL] overall. I'm ashamed for watching all the vids and giving them additional view hits, but it was a necessary evil to see what all the fuss was about. THANK YOU LORD for people like Curly Nikki, Kimmay, Naptural85, Sofine, and all other true natural hair leaders.

  • Jeannette says:

    Although I highly recommend and totally agree with Natural85, I also recommend Beautiful Brown Baby Doll which is BeautifulBrwnBabyDol on YouTube, she's great and creative too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Devon for explaining in your prior comment what is going on in the background. Just what I figure: the people who are running some of the operations don't seem to have it together. Now I'm wondering why TYRA didn't consult with some of the experienced Hair Bloggers. And not only that we have some hair vloggers who are published on the Science of Natural Hair. So what is up with them? Did they even try later to contact some of the many people who know hair, inclusive of hair stylists as well.
    "audit"??? what's an audit?

  • Unknown says:

    African Export. I cannot agree with other commenters about circumventing altogether. Why take the negative route all the time? She spoke to them and they asked for help. I think that is commendable, in itself. With a lot of women choosing not to relax their hair anymore, they probably thought it was a great idea to have these types of videos on their site – they just chose to execute it very poorly.

    Besides, YouTube trumps all of their videos about hair because they are longer, more comprehensive and by people who have a love for doing the videos. I am glad they removed the videos because she was not giving any valuable information about natural hair at all and her hair was clearly not healthy.

  • Annie L. says:

    Does "auditing" involve money? Creative control? Lol! I agree with other comments and would love to see CN create videos to trump TypeF but understand if her current professional and personal obligations prevent it for now.

    How wonderful is it to see curlies flex their tremendous, and growing, financial power in so many different industries? We have a lot of sway and ccontrol and are using it! I also see a lot of curlies in tv and print ads in the tri-state area now, it's awesome.

    *Agreed also w/other posters about being jarred by the cruelty of some of the YT comments. I hate bullying and abuse, especially cowardly, anonymous bullying and abuse.*

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikk – I agree with anon 9/28 8:16AM.

    If type f was really concerned with producing a quality product, they would have done their homework in the first place. Looks like they tried to jump on the natural hair bandwagon and create a space on their site to generate natural hair care advertisting revenue.

    PLEASE DON'T COMPROMISE THE CN BRAND BY ALIGNING WITH type f!!! You have worked too hard and been uncompromising in your principles and commitment to the natural hair community to be associated with this mess!

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually I'm with anon. Nikki, approach a rival ( think haircare/cosmetic corp with money), and set up your own thing taking all the a fore mentioned talent with you. Why go down with the titanic, when you can create something new, creative and special conforming to your own tastes and values. There's a reason why they were called type F- F, for epic FAIL. Why sully your name? when in this business reputation is everything, and you only get one chance to succeed.

  • Etoussai says:

    They were serious…my goodness I thought it was a joke, you know like a spoof! Glad to see that typeF wants your help! I agree that Naptural85 would be great!!!

  • KayDanai says:

    They took all the videos down. I don't think they put too much thought into making them in the first place. Us naturals are smarter than the average bear, and we could all see the foolishness in those videos. I quite honestly thought all the videos were parodies, but then I realized she was serious. And then I just felt sorry for her.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good for your Nikki for spearheading this for us. I agree with Naptural85, I also like Natural Chica, AfricanExport and Chary Jay.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like the lady at beads braids and beyond.

  • Claire76 says:

    Anonymous, although I know Nikki will likely have further information, some of typeF's objectives are outlined on the "About" section of their homepage:

    " is a groundbreaking fashion and beauty platform that offers women the personalized style know-how they are looking for, when and where they want it, at home or on the go. Inspired by Tyra Banks and her mission to redefine beauty, is a community built on the celebration of diversity and the ideal of empowering women to be their very best. offers more than just a behind-the-scenes look at fashion and beauty. With a team of over 500 professional contributors and utilizing the insight derived from our platform to know what women are searching for, we can address individual needs to give women the style confidence they crave. Through interactive applications, informative content and advice from industry experts, translates the latest fashion and beauty trends and tailors them for every woman's unique traits and style preferences. is an evolution of fashion and beauty media, empowering women to create and celebrate their unique personal style.

    Read more:"

    Among others, one of the people I recommended to TypeF's staff is Mae, aka Natural Chica:

    She's a recognized presence in the natural hair community.

    Another anonymous poster suggested rallying the troops and generating some competition for typeF. That's a decent idea. However I feel as though right now folks' behavior is indicative of how much they love Tyra Banks. I have the feeling that many believe that she wasn't aware of the nature of much of typeF's content. Many videos and blog posts that have responded to this controversy have spoken of Ms. Banks' otherwise stellar reputation. Right now it seems to me that the people who have offered their services are committed to helping Tyra (and typeF) as a labor of love–they want to see her remain on top.

    Whatever the case may be, hopefully the folks at typeF now realize that their audience (regardless of color) consists of intelligent individuals who know their stuff. 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I read in their comment that they want help with "auditing". What does "auditing" mean? It sounds like they want to pick their own video models and then ask for an opinion on them. Again it does not sound like they want anyone else to have control in the decision making. So beware.
    The other issue. It is clear that people are having issues with how the natural hair vlogging community is shaping up. Perhaps there should be polls on what people would like to see from vloggers. Maybe curly nikki needs a once a week series on submit your best vlog of the week. That way we can see many different hair types.

    I too love Nap 85 and it saddens me that she has been overlooked in just about every article done by the wider media on natural hair. But one must be careful not to feel that one persons head of hair can represent a whole community. My maine issue with Type F is that their goals and objectives are not clear. What is that they are trying to show? What is their overall mission? if it is to represent natural hair in its finest then I think they need to get serious about finding a cross section of vloggers from you tube.

    Beware because if the next time they have a terrible lineup they will be sure to say we picked this group with input from curlynikki.

    So before I would "audit" anything they would need to make it clear what their mission and goals are.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    agreed @ anon above. Dish! I'm not well versed in the Youtube arena… got any recommendations?

  • Anonymous says:

    While Im happy about the responses of everyone recommending some of the 'naturalhairgurus' on youtube, lets extend a S/O to some of the less noticiable naturalhair ladies who Im sure can spread some factual and positive information just as well~!

  • Anonymous says:

    I highly suggest mahoganyknots, love her and she has some of the most informative videos on youtube.

  • Aishyo says:

    I don't get why Tyra didn't ask you to do the Natural hair vids since you were on her show before Nikki.

  • Anonymous says:

    May I suggest an alternative?.

    Do not help them. Do not let your passion lead you to give away your business.

    Instead of helping them, build your own. Don't send those other youtubers over there to contribute to someone elses business model.

    Maybe suggest that they get together and to build something.
    They already have the reputations AND the knowledge. is proof that there are people out there with no knowledge or bad knowledge who are trying to monitize this.

    Don't let them steal your thunder. Make them compete with you.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    after reading your comments, I'm definitely going to recommend they scrap the previous natural hair vids (I'm not even gonna tackle that other mess… ain't got the time, ain't got the time) and recommend some folks to reshoot. From a previous commenter, it sounds like they don't give the vloggers much if any creative control, but I will stress the need to let these ladies do what they do! I'll be sure to suggest charismatic curlies that represent the diversity of our hair… ones that know their ish too.

    Thanks again dolls!

  • Devon :0) says:

    also, i find the insults and personal attacks on the video presenters a bit much. there is little, if anything, that we had input on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kimmay is a good one too, she breaks down the science of hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously I wouldnt wany of my faves to get involved. That whole project is a total fail. All the videos are dumb and low budget as hell. And the tips are just stupid. I wouldnt want to be dragged down by tying my name to type f.

  • Devon :0) says:

    okay.. i finally tracked down Joanne's videos… ummm… yeah, mine weren't that bad. but it is a way messed up situation to work in, though. why was she curling her wet hair for 30 seconds on medium heat?

  • herlucidsKy says:

    There are so many but I HIGHLY suggest the lovely ladies from urbanbushbabes, naptural85, curlychronicles, chicoro, Audrey Sivasothy, sera2544, mwedzi, haircrush, kinkykurlyqueen, kimmaytube, reniecehairtv(, zhara from fotki( and
    Teri from They all bring something very unique to the table and they are especially knowledgeable as well as inspirational. Therefore, a great source for all things hair.

  • ThisOwl says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Devon :0) says:

    weeeeeeeeeelll…. as a professional stylist that has done some videos for typef… I gotta come to her defense a little bit. The videos are actally done by demand media. they give you the topics ( which you cannot change) and you basically spit out the info that they want you to relay. if they give you topics like " putting a headband on afro hair" or "smoothing afro hair" or ANYTHING afro hair… what would you come up with? you can't name product names and you can't really go into much detail. I'm watching and hoping that i can grab some decent projects but its not likely because it truly seems like somebody's assistant who knows nothing about hair or black or black hair is coming up with the weird topics. I did the best i could on mine but i have to admit that it was not what i thought it would be. the team i worked with shot FIFETEEN videos in a couple of hours and typef only chose 8. and they chose the 8 because i didn't say "natural hair" but instead said " afro hair" it was bizarre. but luckily, i've had a few folks to see past the cheesiness of the vids to start up a dialogue via fb comments under the vids. *shrug* It's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't type situation with doing the videos. if you do then it's clearly going to short change the natural hair community due to the fact that the projects you get are coming from people who know nothing about it and if you don't… then your community gets left out and has no presence on yet another media outlet. There are a few of us who truly know what we are talking about but haven't been featured on the youtube channel or posted like crazy on the site. you've got to stumble upon it or search for our names… i could go on but i will just say: cut us a break!!! it's a mess… but it's not totally our fault.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good call on Naptural85. She is sweet, informative and her videos are a joy to watch.
    I cannot believe some people are recommending a certain You Tuber.
    The woman comes off as rude, arrogant and condescending; her "Hey Naturals" video is appalling. You can be informative without speaking to people as if they have a learning disability.

  • Anonymous says:

    Glad you are thinking of suggesting gurus who keep it classy and don't have ego issues. Would hat for typef to regret taking suggestions from you. but it sounds like you know what you are doing. EXCITING!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    What do you think of the idea of inviting Joann back to do a series of vids chronicling her hair journey and learning the proper way to care for her hair? I'd love to see her turn that dry batch of velcro into something spectacular!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love that you are considering Naptural85 and Charjay. they both have gorgeous hair, the know how and are drama free. Cant say that for all the gurus. Kinda sad that they threw Joann under the bus. they hired her. They approved her vids AND her vids aint the only bad ones. they got like fifty-leven aweful vids by different folks!

  • Anonymous says:

    How exciting! I didn't check out the videos, but after reading some posts on BGLH, gathered that they were not thoughtfully prepared.

    Anyway, definitely someone who won't mind answering viewers questions, seems personable, and is concise would be a good fit. Ladies such as Naptural85, nikkimae and longhairdontcare come to mind; I'm sure there are other vloggers though.

  • NaQuishia Pierce says:

    I recommend Naptural85, Kimmaytube, AfricanExport, BeautifulBrownBabyDoll, Tare916, MsTanish1, and Chary Jay!

  • MzTeaze says:

    Can I say that this is great news. However, given that TypeF put the videos BACK UP today is worrisome. I hope you can get them moving in the right direction.

  • MoiVal88 says:

    I think you should suggest multiple textures by different ytubers. Naptural85 is great but her texture doesnt apply to all. Luvbeinnatural is great for 4b/c maybe. Please offer some type of diversity.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good look Nikki, thanks for stepping in and being a positive force!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Those tips for natural hair were so bad I would send Joann Robertson to get her hair done by another stylist…..Andre Walker. LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind get involved with this, they proved themselves to be a joke.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, I love Mahoganyknots also!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love naptural85 and ninapruitt! I wish I saw their videos before I went through my hair trauma! I gave in and permed my hair before I saw their videos. Their hair is absolutely gorgeous and they definitely deserve any shine they receive.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Candi Luxe. YES!!! The channel is a mess and the apology is insincere. Even now, THEY aren't willing to do the work to fix it. They are trying to farm it out to someone else INSTEAD of investing the time into research.

  • ~~Candi Luxe~~ says:

    I personally don't take that apology seriously. Mainly because the whole damn website, ALL of the videos( Natural, Relaxed, Make-up, Caucasian) are a hot mess and an insult to ALL of our intelligence. They give us "advice" on a creative hairstyle at home, but the chick…just…puts…on…a….HEADBAND…!!!! End of the damn video. That's it. And the even the advice on the website is insanely stupid. Fashion advice like, "wearing khaki shorts with black gym shoes and socks" as fun and trendy outfit. Tyra made a website to make fun of fashion and hair advice with horrible or obvious tips and the people who follow said advice. Even the so-called relaxed women have on weaves!!! What?!?! she couldn't find a relaxed hair woman to give advice…o_0 I mean really there are tons of those out there

  • Shanna says:

    I think Naptural85 would be perfect for that she's natural, she explains things well, and she keeps it simple. Thank you Nikki for being proactive in getting in contact with the people from "TypeF" I don't know if they would've responded had people just continued to go on the youtube page and write nasty comments.

  • Anonymous says:

    ddaaammmnnn nikki!! makin moves lol

  • Chaka says:

    Char jay, Naptural85, AfricanExport, BeautifulBrownBabyDoll, and Kimmaytube need to help these people out big time

  • Claire says:


    I am so relieved to hear that you have been working on this behind the scenes. TypeF's *natural* hair videos are not the only ones that are amiss. However they are the ones that bothered me the most.

    I have already written the TypeF team and received a response. Going forward, regardless of whatever they decide, it is important to me that they understand that the care of natural hair is a legitimate discipline requiring dedication and tender loving care.

    Other notes?

    Off the top of my head…Some of the videos' titles contain grammatical errors.

    Have a pleasant evening!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Nikki, love Naptural85, do not Love Tyra.
    …This was a hot mess from the beginning and a sign of piss poor management and general internet laziness that they were so clueless about Natural and relaxed hair that they presented those women as experts on either. Think about it. To present those women with those tips means they had looked at no natural vids AT ALL. Never typed in "natural hair" in youtube and saw who got the most hits. Never visited a reputable hair blog. Those are not good signs.

    I kinda want my beloved natural vloggers to stay far, far away from that mess because just based on typefail's most recent track record, I don't think it will end well.

    I'd rather they provide links to quality natural and relaxed hair vids then try to produce their own.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank the Lord! Now what about the chica with the (literally) smoking weave and bad eyebrows. I may be clueless when it comes to hair and beauty but I am not dumb.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank goodness gracious they have finally come to their senses!!!

    i agree with all of @allthingscuteandgirly had to say. there is another "african american natural" series i came across on there
    ^^^ her videos are just as atrocious and the state of her hair i have no words for so i definitely agree all videos need to be reviewed of that nature i cannot comment on the other videos because i have not viewed them as of yet. but i wouldn't b surprised if just across the board all videos were of poor quality. and everything that gets posted should go through some sort of mandatory checks and balances before released to the public. stop making a bad name for yourself if you want people to take you seriously. EVERYONE is taking this channel and company for a joke and its an embarrassment and disgrace to a whole race!

    there are so many more quality people and personalities on youtube who can do 100x the better job and are doing it out of their own home already.

    i suggest they definitely look into Naptural85, taren916, tonidaley80, africanexport, kimmaytube, xgoldn, nikkimae2003, sweetteababy0427, ulovemegz (she has real healthy relaxed hair not a bad blonde wig !!) and these are just some of my faves out of the many AMAZING AMAZING women on YT.

    and that will be all 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Bronzeqt, simplyyounique, and curlychronicles!

  • Anonymous says:

    chary jay, naptural85,Aliciajamesmusic,beautifulbrwnbabydoll, and of course kimmaytube.

  • Foxy not-so Brown says:

    just tell them to please take ALL the videos down, and start over with a new team of advisors and stylist, most of the videos are trash and they should be ashamed.

    im glad you are going to help them.
    Rachel Stewart.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Marcia says:

    I totally assumed it was a joke. There is zero possibility that this was serious. There was a woman with a blond lacefront/weave wetting her hair showing hair texture. Joke. Not very funny though.

  • Sophie says:

    I looked at the other videos on that site, and I don't care what they do about those videos, I will never use that site to give me hair advice! Most of the hair videos are on women with straight hair, which is ok, but in some of them when they talk about African American hair, they show someone with hair blown out and then they say they're showing you how to straighten AA hair as they flat iron this already straightened hair! I will rant if I get started on why I won't take beauty advice from Tyra Banks (I do love ANTM, and think she's an effective businesswoman though, to her credit) thus, I will leave it here. I think it would be good to not confuse people with bad videos, but I'm not confident that the site is going to be a great resource for this particular topic without some major renovations.

  • Unknown says:

    I was wondering why Type F didn't reach out to your instead. Those vids are going to be murder for someone's hair. I would love to see Nap85 doing vids for TypeF

  • allthingscuteandgirly says:

    I have lots of recommendations.

    1.) Get rid of all the videos that have to do with "natural", "african american" or "relaxed" hair.

    2.) Get real bloggers and Youtubers who specialize in natural hair who actually know how to properly care, style and EMBRACE the hair as is.

    3.) Get rid of the playlist titles. "Makeup advice for milk chocolate skin", "Cappucino makeup tips", "Makeup tips for peach skin", "Honey skin makeup advice"…um no? Really? Is someone searching milk chocolate skin makeup?

    4.). Go through all their other videos. I have seen makeup tutorials and hair tutorials for long hair that is GARBAGE.

    Smh they should have reviewed and audited before even posting!

  • L33 says:

    thank the Lord on high they took that mess down! lol…when I first saw it I thought it was a joke. But I do hope they take our concerns seriously…that wrong info will jack a newly natural curlie up!lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Curly Nikki. Thank you SO much for this. can you tell them to also remove the woman with the horrible blonde weave/wig? she's acting like it's the hair that grows out of her head, giving terrible advice, and representing what she calls "black natural" "coarse" and "ethnic hair" when what's on her head is none of the above. All her videos are terrible. Personally I don't like any of the videos as a whole. Even the ones with the hair stylist working on the models is RAKING a comb through the poor girls curly hair form the roots. thank you!!!

    video examples:

  • Angie says:

    What a great potential opportunity for sever YT natural hair gurus! TypeF could certainly turn this whole thing around if they really wanted to. Tyra could even MAYBE get back some credibility too.

  • JLB says:

    thank god bc those videos we an insult to those of us who take going natural seriously! HORRIBLE!! Things like that give black women a bad name!

  • Tav says:

    Thank GOODNESS! Those videos are crazy!! Please help them Obi Wan Kenobi, I mean Nikki…

  • Tai says:

    That's wonderful! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job of helping them audit. And Naptural85 for natural hair president!

  • Nyla Coils says:

    The issue of the versatility of natural hair should be addressed. Yes, you can rock a real nice protective style then a fro, then a puff. Our hair can be worn in a plethora of styles. The proper way to care for your hair, combing wet vs dry. I also noticed that this channel is linked to TYPE F! If type f sticks with this type of work, not Ms Roberson, I think this will work better.

  • Jeannette says:

    Yes, I love Naptural85 she is also one of my favorites too! She's got the personality, skill-set, and maintains a beautiful healthy head of hair. If she were feeling better I'd also suggest MopTopMaven but I know she's been sick lately. I remember a young lady who interviewed this guy here on Curlynikki and he was a natural salon owner and stylist. He was very attractive and knew his natural hair 'ish. There is also a natural hair stylist I know, her name is Nedjetti Harvey. Yes, I agree with another comment that there are so many natural hair role models that are very knowledgeable about natural hair care. They are just not as widely known and should be.

  • Jeannette says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really thought it was a joke when I saw it and still do even after seeing the website. The other African American woman Enid with relaxed looking hair who is supposedly a hairstylist is horrible. her hair looks horrid and who shows some one how to do a messy ponytail and throw a headband on.

  • Jessie x says:

    Well, let's start out with some sound hair advice for a start! Combing your hair while dry? Using fine tooth combs to comb out curls and kinks? No bueno!

    Then, they need to find someone skilled in natural hair care. If they are typeF's "face" (or should I say hair?) for natural hair care, then they need someone that can break down basic information for new naturals starting out.
    Styling ideas is a given.

    I also think it would be quite cool to see people who decide to henna their hair or dye their afros. No two natural heads are alike after all!

    It has to be said again, there's so many natural hair role models out there (including this site) that I'm very surprised that typeF didn't reach out to any of them first. All thriving heads of hair doing it their way…

    Sorry if this is a bit wordy, but this became an unintentional rant and I had to edit it down. I had a lot of feelings, okay? lol

  • Jeannette says:

    You go witcha bad self NIKKI, show 'em how to really take care of natural hair…take on the challange!!! I suggest having a variety of natural hair types and ways of styling. Definitely how to care for natural hair. I'm glad that you reached out to them and they listened. When we make our voices heard, people listen.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have no idea what this is all about and never heard of typeF on YouTube. LOL

  • Steph says:

    Hey Nikki! Great call on Naptural85!! She's wonderful and only after looking at all of the type F nonsense did I realize how lucky I was to find her on my journey.
    Maybe you can get them to take a look at the other hair vids also? One woman is wearing an obvious weave claiming it as her own hair in several vids and another is claiming a wig as her own "African American Relaxed Hair". The site is atrocious and an embarrassment to me as a black woman. PLEASE help them, girl! They need you so much!!

  • j.chung says:

    Thank you Nikki!! Those videos were a HOTT mess! 🙁

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I love Chary Jay too! I'll definitely be passing on her name and Naptural85… 2 of my favs!

  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome!! Nikki! That picture tho!

  • Leslie says:

    Chary Jay!

  • Ms Hood says:

    I am soooo glad to hear theyve taken accountability! Too often people become defensive and dont listen to the consumer. I love it!

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