NaturallyThick (not pictured) of the forums writes:

When I decided to go natural, I expected my hair to be manageable, long, silky and loose curly coils. I used to feel my roots before I needed a relaxer and thought my waves felt so good… little did I know I would not get any of that.

When I did my BC I was heart broken with how tangled, dry and short it was… not to mention snap back and slap me TIGHT coils. I was was looking for that texturized look and didn’t think my hair was beautiful.

It took me a while to realize that my hair is beautiful and sometimes I still have those days where I want that texturized look, but overall I am embracing the locks I was born with. I have learned how to take care of my hair.

So to all those new naturals it may not be what you wanted, but LOVE what you get.

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Can anyone relate?

What did you expect before going natural?