JAnne (not pictured) writes:

I’ve been experimenting with protective styles lately. I’m usually a wash and go type girl but I notice that I’m not keeping as much length as I should. I’m wondering what the most effective protective styles are? Which ones keep your hair the most moisturized and help you achieve the greatest lengths? I’m really trying to get past shoulder length.

CN says:
I’ve somehow become a protective styler… not by choice, but by necessity. I’ve done the bun thing (wet and dry) and more recently I’m rocking two strand twists. While many may argue that twists are not a protective style, I would counter that they are… although my ends are not hidden away, manipulation is very, very low. I find that my hair stays much more moisturized in twists (compared to buns) if for no other reason that I keep up a regular moisture/oil routine. When my hair is bunned and hidden away, I leave it up there and forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s rare when I take it down, moisturize the ends and seal. I also find that a week old bun is hell to detangle which can lead to set backs. It’s easy to keep my hair lubricated in the twists and by virtue of the style, it stays nearly tangle free. Twists for me… updos and buns less so.

What about you?

Which protective style do you recommend for moisture and length retention?