by Danielle of

Well, usually when I do this hairstyle it’s neater and the doublebun thing looks like a big fat number 8.

This time…it just looked like a big lumpy bun… And I was fine with that.

To make this style I:

1. Grabbed a small front section of hair and made a hump.

2. Pinned the hump

3. Wrangled all hair into a ponytail, not too low, but not super high.

4. Split the ponytail into two pieces horizontally. (Meaning you have a top and bottom section, not a left and right section.)

5. Roll top section of the split ponytail UPwards into a lump and secure with bobby pins

6. Roll bottom section of split ponytail DOWNward into a lump and secure w/ bobby pins

7. Check mirror to be sure you don’t look a mess.

8. You’re done!!

This was done on day 3 of a twist-out. My hair had silk elements moisturizer and coconut oil in it.