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by Kurlybella of

When mentally going through my roster of friends who are as crazy about hair as I am, I realize that MANY of my naturally curly and kinky girl friends do not have the same texture of hair as me. Some have looser, wavier hair, while others, proudly wear their tight kinks which though tight are much looser than my pen spring coils. Our hair also ranges in coarseness and length and some of them even have blonde, red and light brown hair.

After the post and conversation we had about helping other naturals with damaged hair, I thought about the hair advice that I get from my friends. Once, talking to a wavy-haired friend of mine about hair styles, she gave me some ideas for some styles to try that were similar to the fish tail braids she’d been rocking and she also threw in a few other tidbits about some curl defining hair products she’d been trying. not long after our conversation, I picked up a few of the products and had success with most of them.

Like me, she is discerning with what she uses on her hair and like me her hair is coarse and fine and hates shampoo. To the outside world looking in, our hair is nothing alike, but we both know this is the farthest thing from the truth. Like she does with me, when I find a product that hits the jackpot, I usually call her up and in product pusha fashion, get her excited enough to go out and buy it for herself.

Every now and then, when I’m in whole foods looking for hair products a woman will approach me to ask me what i put on my hair “to make it look so good.” More often than not, these women are not black and do not have a hair curl pattern that is close to mine. Usually I point to what I’m buying, have a conversation to explain why I like the product and said woman usually ends up walking off with it in her cart. I never think that when she is asking me for advice if she is thinking about how my hair is so different from hers. I think, here is a curly woman who wants advice from another curly woman.

I know there are some naturals who don’t buy products marketed for “white people’s hair” – nor would they ever take advice from another natural who didn’t have their same texture or skin tone. I’ve even had readers email me stating their disappointment that i showcase products from lines like Paul Mitchell and Giovanni. “Their hair is different and this is just the truth,” was what one reader shared.

For me, if a natural woman knows her hair, is up on quality ingredients and how curly hair responds to hair products then I’m all ears and wallet. At the end of the day, it’s the education that matters and not the texture or background of the curly-haired woman.

What say you? Are you less likely to listen or take advice from a natural who has a significantly different hair texture than yours? Or are you all ears no matter the texture of the natural? Are you discriminating with advice given?


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