ummm… and we’re still geeking! Daddy and I attended Wanda’s Philly standup as her ‘personal guests’, fancy, huh?! *raises glass and drinks… liberally*


This woman is a masterful story teller, even more gorgeous in person and don’t even get me started on that glorious hair! O.M.G.! Sorry for the dramatics, but this ish is real.

We drove four treacherous hours through the mountains to get here and it was like *flips hair and pops bubble gum*… so worth it. I laughed so hard a little pee came out. If she’s coming to a town near you, drop what you’re doing and run, RUN to the theater.

…talking hair! Father God, she touched my hair… Wanda touched my hair!

perfection… check out the shape of her hair!

we made Momma keep Boog

Sweater- Express
Jeans (5 years old)- Express
Nude pumps- Aldo

Later, Wanda tweeted…

“Thank you Glenside, Keswick Theatre. My girl was at the show. Sweet, cool, and beautiful. Her hair made my hair want a hat.”