by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

With a week of exams and essays deadlines waiting for me around the corner, I have allowed myself to take a backseat in the hair world. This is the first time in a while that I have somewhat neglected the care and attention that my hair seems to desire. Don’t get me wrong – I have turned into the national spokesperson for natural hair since starting to transition, and probably annoyed one too many people with it, but I could not justify spending time twisting and what not when there’s work to be done. I mean, have you ever tried fitting 6 weeks of lectures into one day of revision? Trust me – I’m having the time of my life….

However, this current situation has allowed me to realize a few things. Since I haven’t been playing in my hair as often, I haven’t been applying as much product to it. This has left my hair feeling a lot lighter, cleaner and free of build-up throughout the week, with no desperate need to shampoo/co-wash my hair before washday (which just so happens to be today). My hair still feels just as moisturized as usual even though it hasn’t received as more product, which is something I often fear when applying my leave-in. Lastly, it allowed my hair to benefit from low-manipulation which is beneficial for protecting the hair from breakage.

The best thing about all of this is how much money I could potentially save on hair products. I’m a student – broke is a way of life for me. With books costing more than £50 for just one subject, I really don’t have the bank account to be a product junkie. If I’m not applying as many products, I’m effectively saving money on leave-in’s, conditioner and shampoo, because my hair can go longer without all of the products that washing involves. Being a bit lighter handed when it comes to applying products to my hair may just allow me that one luxury every now and again!

Some Chrissy Loubou’s would do me just fine! Too ambitious?

A girl can dream!

Has your bank account ever suffered from a Product Junkie attack? Have you tried narrowing down your product use?

How does using less product work out for you?