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Curly Nikki

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

By January 27th, 202116 Comments
by Shelli of Hairscapades

Alright, I admit it. I’m not just a product junkie. I’m also a “bonnet” junkie! You see, although I use a satin pillowcase (I own five *smh*) to avoid the moisture robbing effect of cotton, I tend to toss and turn a lot during the night. So, without some type of additional hair protection, I’d have two potential problems: crazy morning hair and friction damaged strands. In order to ensure that I have hair that I can easily coax back into submission in the morning and to reduce excessive movement and rubbing of my hair during the night, I employ satin “headgear” as part of my daily protective routine. This is one of the “little” things that I do on a daily basis to protect my strands from mechanical damage so that I can achieve my Grow Out Challenge goal.

Anywho, over the last year or two, I have amassed quite a collection of head coverings. I didn’t realize how many until I stopped one day to look at a bonnet in my vanity and saw that it was stuffed far past capacity with multiple silk and satin scarfs, do rags, hair “socks” and … well … more bonnets! You see, I’d come to realize that no single bonnet or scarf works for every style. Therefore, I gradually purchased several different head wraps based upon my style protection needs. So, I figured I’d share those that I’ve acquired and the styles for which I use them. ‘Cuz, you know, Sharing is Caring ;) !!

Satin/Silk Scarf: Keeps edges controlled and protected when wearing hair in a high or mid-height bun or pineappled. Tips: Place a bonnet over the scarf when wearing a high bun to keep the bun protected and neat as well. Also, if you have problems with scarf slippage, try securing it with a few large flat bobby pins (aka doobie pins) around the front perimeter before putting on the bonnet. I’ve found this helps keep my scarf AND bonnet in place during the night.

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

Medium-Sized Satin Bonnet: Twist and Curl sets, roller sets (small to medium-sized rollers), pincurls, cornrows, flat-twists, small buns, TWAs, short to medium length WnGs, finger coils, twists and other “low profile” sets/styles.

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair RoutinesA Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

Large Bonnet: Big, high buns, large roller sets, WnGs, finger coils and twists on BAAs and medium length curls/coils.

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair RoutinesA Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

“Do Rag” Style Scarf:
These are good for low buns (loose hair, braided or twists) as they create a “hood” to keep hair smooth and controlled all the way to the bun. This is also another good option for “low profile” styles that you want to keep smooth.

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair RoutinesA Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

Pocket Bonnet:
As CurlyNikki has already demonstrated, these are great for medium to long loose twists and braids. They keep hair smooth at the hairline and enclose the length and ends of the hair, but are roomy enough to prevent “smooshing” and flattening of the twists and braids.

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair RoutinesA Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines
A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

Knee-Length Half Slip: Yup, that’s what I said. LOL! Necessity is the mother of invention! Regular bonnets would crush and flatten my WnGs back in the day (they weren’t as long, but they were bigger!) and sleeping with loose hair wasn’t an option as I would wake up with a wild, matted, curl-flattened and lopsided mess. So, as I mentioned in this post last week, I came up with an alternative. I started using a half slip, secured at the open hanging end with a hair elastic to create a roomy bonnet. So, this could be a solution for those with big or long hair for which a bonnet and/or the pineapple just isn’t working for your WnG, braid/twist out or TnC.

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair RoutinesA Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

Hair Net: Although this isn’t a bonnet per se, it is a good option for those of us who like to do wet or “damp” sets, but whose hair takes forever and a day to dry! It provides control without sacrificing airflow. However, since hair is exposed, I would strongly recommend sleeping on a satin bonnet too. (Note: I picked up this clever tip from this post by Curly Nikki Guest Blogger G G.)

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

With the exception of the first silk scarf and the half-slip, I found all of these items at my local Sally Beauty Supply for less than $4 each! And, I still didn’t show you all of my headgear. Don’t even get me started on what I might be wearing to bed for a henna treatment or overnight DC!

A Bonnet for Every Occasion- Natural Hair Routines

What do you wear to bed at night? Does it change based upon your style?


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for that info. This will really help!

  • hairscapades says:

    No problem Sheila!! And, I didn't say this above … but I got it really bad, because I have at least two of every item pictured above except the big white bonnet. I know … so sad. I told y'all I was a bonnet PJ too!!! LOL!!

  • redeemed says:

    wow i never knew there was so many choices! i wear a doo rag and a satin bonnet; it works for me.

  • hair growth products says:

    Wow thank you for sharing your way in styling your hair. It looks great and I like the way it twisted. I hope you can post more about hair tips cause I really do love it.

  • Sheila says:

    I like the idea of using the half-slip, don't use them too much anyway – LOL
    My hair is around 12 inches long and thick, and the bonnets don't stay on well.
    Thanks for the idea!


  • hairscapades says:

    LOL Anon @ 9:58 am. Thank you:)!! My regimen is at the bottom of the first link in the post, "Grow Out Challenge."

    Anon @ 1:43, I know. So sad. When I get on a kick, I really get on it! LOL!! My closets are stuffed too!! I'm a clothes and shoe horse and one of the major buying factors for my house was the four (one double) closets and massive basement storage! I've checked out the loc soc a few times, but when I discovered the pocket bonnet at Sally's, I didn't look anymore. But, the loc soc does seem great!

    SassnCurlz … not at all, not at all. LOL!!

    Thanks all!!


  • Anonymous says:

    Love this! I thought that I was the only one with multiple scarves to fit my style of choice.

  • Candace4life says:

    Hum alot of great ideas, most definitely will be trying out some of your bonnet styles.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, you almost need a wardrobe closet for your hair care stuff! Lol
    I have long hair and use the locsoc for almost all of my overnight hair protection needs. It's what the rastas use to protect their long locs. I figure no one has cornered the market better for overnight protection of long, kinky/curly hair the way the rastas have, so after all the bonnet drama, I bought one and love it.
    I only use a bonnet if I am going to take a quick nap. Sometimes I will tie a scarf onto my hair under the locsoc if I am wearing a style that requires sleek edges.

  • Karen says:

    I love this post. Great info, thanks for sharing.

  • FemmeFox says:

    Right now I have two bonnets and one loc sock. I am finding that as my hair gets longer and I can do more styles, I need more head gear.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    I wear a large bonnet. I have a lot of hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gee my hair is only long enough for a scarf or bonnet : (

  • LaNeshe says:

    This is so genius lol. I pretty much force my one satin bonnet work for everything. I should probably add some bonnet diversity.

  • Anonymous says:

    Forget about the bonnets, can we talk about how gorgeous and healthy your hair is! What's your regimen?

  • fabwtalk says:

    Wow, so many choices. I only have the pocket bonnet myself but alot of these other choices would do some good as the pocket doesn't work for every hairstyle. Thanks!

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