prepping for the c-section

Valecia writes:

I’ve been a natural hair diva for a little over 2 years. I stopped relaxing my hair in September 2009 after I had been without a “perm” for 7 months! I thought I needed a relaxer for my wedding day; I hadn’t realized all the beautiful styles I could have tried with natural/transitioning hair. Let me not dwell on that because it burns me up now!

Anyhow, I did the BC in July of 2010 after transitioning for 10 months and I love my curls and coils! I often wish I had decided to do this sooner so that I’d be further along, but at least I started when I did.

I found out I was pregnant with my second child in the latter part of 2010. My first child was born 9 weeks premature so my doctor watched me closely with my second pregnancy. She told me that she recommended a c-section, which I found a bit disappointing, but I trust my doctor so I agreed. Instead of dwelling on not being able to have my second child naturally, I decided to continue embracing my natural hair journey and look great on my delivery day! I told my husband early on that I was going to be a “diva” on delivery day and he chuckled, but he discovered I was very much serious!

I, like many other pregnant ladies, packed my hospital bag weeks before my expected delivery. My hospital bag included what most expectant mothers would pack; however, I also threw in some cute sundresses (my baby was born in July in the Deep South), headbands, jewelry, makeup, and some styling products-Suave Natural Coconut Conditioner, Organics Olive Oil Leave-in, and Smooth and Shine Curl Activator. When the big day arrived, I was very calm. My second child birth experience wasn’t an emergency so I was able to take my time and get ready…and get ready I did! I two-strand twisted my hair and put it in a bun. I put on a beret. I got my make-up bag out and put my “face” on. I applied some strip lashes. Then, my husband whisked me away to the hospital for my planned c-section.

All the pictures I posted to Facebook or sent via text post-delivery got replies like, “Girl, you look great” or “You don’t look like you had a baby” or “Go ‘head Val! You really did it”! I know some might have felt that me being concerned with my hair and looks when I was about to have a baby was silly, but making sure I looked nice for all the pictures I knew would be sent out didn’t take away from the importance of my little one. We’re human beings; we’re capable of complex thoughts and feelings!

With that being said, my second child birth was a different and fun experience! I don’t know, however, if it was fun enough to try for a third child. That’s something to discuss that with my husband…years down the road! : – )

Me, after delivery via c-section (I took down my two-strand twists and put my hair in a bun.)

ready to go home!

Did you get divafied for D-Day?

CN Says-

And you know this!