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Curly Nikki

Cornrows & Sister Twists Braided to the Side

By August 6th, 202112 Comments
Cornrows & Sister Twists Braided to the Side

by Nik G of

This is the style I did on A’s banded hair. I did this over the course of 3 days because I started during the school week and we didn’t want to sit for long periods of time. I absolutely love the look of sister/rope twists! I actually tried to make a video tutorial but for some reason the tripod would not stay straight up, it kept falling down so I gave up after 3 tries. I will have to figure it out because I really want to post more tutorials.


    • I began by parting a section near her left ear for the first cornrow. If you do not know how to cornrow, please check out our cornrowing for beginners post.


    • I continued cornrowing three sections near her left ear, then I moved on to the other side at her hairline. I cornrowed three sections on that side then went back to the other side. No reason in particular, this is just how I like to do it. You can certainly stay on one side until you reach the other side.


    • At the end of each cornrow I took the three sections and made them into just two sections by borrowing hair from the middle section and adding it into the right and left section.


    • After I had two sections of hair I began doing a sister twist, otherwise known as rope twist. This is not a regular two strand twist. You simply begin twisting one section clockwise and the other section counter clockwise as you twist all the way down. Continue this twisting motion (twist one section to the right and one to the left) until you reach the ends. Please check out this sister twist video tutorial. Once you get to the end of the twist, roll the ends between your index and thumb several times to make sure the twist stays.


    • After I cornrowed and twisted the top, I parted the hair horizontally at the nape of the neck and tied the rest of the hair off to get it out of my way. I parted small squares using the end of our metal rat tail comb and began doing the sister/rope twist. I did this to all of the remaining hair until I was finished.


    • To make this style look less basic and a little more creative, I gathered the twists coming from the cornrows and started cornrowing the twists all the way to the left side near her ear and tied the cornrow off with a black ouchless band.



    • Please note, I prefer doing the sister/rope twists on dry, stretched hair because it shows length a lot more. I find that when I do this style on wet or damp hair the twists curl up a lot more, don’t hold as well and tend to be more frizzy.


This is what her banded hair looked like before styling:

Cornrows & Sister Twists Braided to the Side
Cornrows & Sister Twists Braided to the Side
Cornrows & Sister Twists Braided to the Side
Cornrows & Sister Twists Braided to the Side


  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely gorgeous hair!

    My 10 year old daughter has similar type of hair with as much length. I do take good care of it for her, mostly putting it in single braids every other week.
    Our routine works well for now, but I am thinking she should start learning to take care of her own hair. I know all this hair is not going to be easy to manage for a child, but Mommy will not be around when she goes to college…etc…
    My dilemma is how/when to start teaching her to take care of her hair own hair with out cutting it short…she told me several time that she does NOT( emphasizing the not) want her hair cut short…she loves it…:)

  • Unknown says:

    Beautiful girl, healthy hair and amazing hairstyle! Go mom!

  • Curly Yo says:

    Beautiful, both the hairstyle and your daughter!

  • Rhonda C says:

    You ROCK out loud! Baby girl's hair is beautiful and healthy! Honestly, I love both the BEFORE and AFTER.
    ~Rhonda C

  • MrsDjRass says:

    How long will this style last? OMG that girl has a lot of hair. She is blessed to have a mother who is patient and has the talent to handle it.

  • MrsDjRass says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG! Her hair is loooonnnngggg. The style came out so nice! Beautiful!

  • DiJah says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Nice! I love it.

  • Candace4life says:

    Goodness your little girl has a lot of hair, don't you ever at times feel like cutting it back lol…. It's like having your own pillow with you at all times, and it's so long and thick. You are doing a great job on her hair, and love all of the styles that you put on it.

  • CurlsDivine says:

    You should open up your own salon doing hair, and if you do. I want to know where you. You have a true talent and gift with styles.

  • Jada07 says:

    Beautiful as always! Her hair is growing so much.

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