by Tracey Wallace via

Barack Obama is many things to many people, but one thing he definitely is not is a baby.

Despite what you think of Obama as a president, the man is anything but childish. To be able to draw upon something both sides of the political spectrum can agree on, Obama is well-spoken, well-dressed and well-educated, things that a baby is not. At least, not until now.

Despite Ashton-Drake’s history of reproducing dolls of famous people, they surprised us with the recent release of a lifelike baby doll of President Barack Obama.

Despite his adorable type 4a curls, the Obama baby doll is a bit creepy, though not as creepy as the monkey dolls they also sell.

Baby Obama will set you back more than $150 proving that hope isn’t free after all!

The real debacle here is in why they created an Obama baby to begin with. They made perfectly hand-crafted Barbie-style Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Lucille Ball dolls. These dolls are beautiful and capture each of these people in the height of their prestige, reminding all who purchase them of their grandeur. The Obama baby doll seems to do just the opposite, and makes me wonder what side of the political fence the good people at Ashton-Drake Galleries are on.

On the other hand, it is nice to see a curly haired, African-American male baby doll rocking the “Yes, we can!” attitude! As one co-worker said, “Baby Obama is staring at me as I respond to my emails. He is oddly comforting!”

What are your thoughts?