Hola Chicas,

I’ve been fielding tons of emails about the upcoming NYC event sponsored by Mizani… questions about ticketing, location, times, and inquiries about the missing RSVP page.

So yeah, about that…

While I’d like to accommodate everyone, we’re at, get this, three times capacity. I had no idea the curly love was so strong in NYC…y’all literally shut down the RSVP page in 48 hours! This has NEVER happened before and we’ve been scrambling all week to make it right.

At any rate, I strive to create a casual and classy atmosphere for curl talk – and 10,000 of us, sweating, shoulder to shoulder, isn’t anybody’s idea of a grand time. You’d be pissed, trust me.

But, get this –

I’m having drinks with blogger LoveBrownSugar at Pranna Restaurant immediately following the official event, on October 20 from 10pm until…

While there won’t be any giveaways, there’s no cover and you’ll get to meet a bunch of gorgeous naturals. Plus, I’m hoping to meet you and have a drink or two! If you plan to attend, please RSVP to [email protected], using ‘after party’ in the subject line.

Hope to see you there!