CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary Giveaway
You Get a Car! And You! Everybody Gets a Car!

October will mark my 3 year blogging anniversary, and I wanted to do something special for all my curlies out there! It’s been a wonderful journey; and it’s only gonna get better! So let’s celebrate! While I’d love to pass out cars and iPads like Oprah, I’ve managed to secure some pretty amazing things to show my undying love and appreciation for you guys.

So here they are…….[cue creepy Oprah voice]…...MMMYYYYYY FAAVORIIIIITE THHHIIINNGS!

CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary Giveaway
While I’ve yet to try this particular kit, I’m sure you dolls are more than aware of my love affair with CURLS and their amazing Souffle… and their Whipped Cream… and their Cleaning Cream. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll simply say that they are one of my favorite hair care lines. I’ll be giving away three of these Transitioning Kits next week, so stay tuned!

CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary GiveawayIn those incredibly rare moments that I’m alone and have nothing to do, I want nothing more than to crawl into bed with a good book. But seeing as how I don’t even know what genre I’m into (y’all, it’s been a while), I’m left with browsing through the DVR. It’d be nice to have a bookstore at my fingertips… which is why The Kindle Touch 3G is one of my ‘future’ favorite things, and I’m excited to give away one next week!

CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary GiveawayI love Threadmill and their collection of amazing slouchy beanies and tams. I’ve incorporated them into my Fall routine in order to hide my scalpy twists and satin bonnet and I get compliments everyday. I’ll be giving away 5 during the week of October 10th! Now you too can be ‘vagabond chic’ 🙂

CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary GiveawayMy new fashion adviser and friend, Folake, of Style Pantry has her own children’s clothing line with some limited pieces for women. OMG. So friggin’ haute! She sent Boogie a box load of the most amazing pieces and during the week of October 10th, she’s sponsoring a $300 dollar giveaway! One lucky curly will win a WeWe Clothing Shopping Spree!

CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary GiveawayFor those of you not in the know, it’s like totally posh to rock a diaper bag… even sans child. Essentially, it’s a big ass purse, but you could rock it as a laptop bag, bookbag on campus, carry-on while traveling, or, of course, for its intended purpose.

I bought a very dope, very large, very leather ‘celeb’ diaper bag in disguise from Tiny Truffles when I was 6 months preggers. I shared it with you guys in this post. I carry that bag, And, AND, it still looks amazing and gets compliments regularly. Great investment, lol.

Anyway, the bag at hand, Not Rational’s Hansel, while seen on the shoulders of Jessica Alba, Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Kidman, will be all the more stunning on one of you!

I’ll be giving one away at the end of the month, so stay tuned as I’ll be providing deets along the way.

In the meantime, beginning October 1, TinyTruffles is giving CN readers 30% off of their Not Rational line of diaper bags! I think it’s time for me to new up :0)

CurlyNikki's Favorite Things- Anniversary GiveawayRed. Bottoms. ’nuff said.

I have the same pair in beige and OMG… there aren’t even words. I figured a basic black pump is a necessity for every curly girl and why not make it a Christian Louboutin?!

Although I wish I could give a pair to each and every one of you, alas, there can only be one.

During the month of October (during cut off times that I’ll specify next week), I ask that you submit a short (3-5 minute) video to the forum with the following:

(1) How the CurlyNikki community has helped you along your natural hair journey
(2) Products that you’ve discovered thanks to the ladies of
(3) Styles or techniques that you’ve adapted because of

On each Friday in October, the forum members will vote and choose their favorite video of the week. The four finalists will be featured on the homepage for the final voting and one of them will receive a brand spanking new pair of Christian Loubs (Pigalle Point Toe)!!!!!!

More deets to come!